Which country does Bhutan belong to?

Bhutan ‘The Land of Thunder Dragon’ is a parliamentary democracy and abides by the rules of a democracy but the head of the state is still the King of Bhutan. Due to its parliamentary form of democracy, the tourist is always confused about the status of the Kingdom. Some people are confused if Bhutan is really a country or is it still a kingdom. The accurate answer would be that the Kingdom of Bhutan has a prime minister and so it is a country but the King of Bhutan still has the authority to manipulate decisions inside the country as he is also the head of the state.

What is the reason behind their inclination to Buddhism?

The history of the Kingdom is very rich and the documented history of Bhutan begins from 747 A.D and their initial inclination is related to the Drukpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism.  It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava who is also known to all as Guru Rinpoche, made his trip from Tibet till Bhutan, on the back of a Tigress’s back. He had rested upon a hill in Paro valley which is now famous for the beautiful Taktsang Lhakang also known as Tiger’s Nest. The religious guru was also referred to as the Second Buddha and was responsible for the emergence of the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism.

The following centuries noticed great Buddhist Leaders who preached about Buddhism and the faith which resulted in the inclination of the kingdom as a Buddhist country. Ngawang Namgyal was the King who unified the Kingdom strongly and established a set of laws and also built the Dzongs which was supposed to save the people from unsettled times like war or famine.

The aura of Bhutan which remains untouched

Unlike most countries of the world, Bhutan has not compromised its environment over development. Sustainability is the key behind the aura of this beautiful Bhutan, which has the around 70 percent of forest cover in it which is untouched and also guarded by the law to keep it the same for years to come. The sacred monasteries upon the cliffs, the prayer flags fluttering, the red-robed monks walking about happily and the satisfaction of the people of Bhutan without much high-end technologies or gadgets have not affected the overall charm of this country.

What does Bhutan have in terms of Tourism?

The Land of the Thunder Dragon is gifted with raw natural beauty and has the most percentage of forest cover than any country in the whole world. Development here has a different meaning as is not ranked higher than the health of their environment. Every single sightseeing whether it is natural or made by the earlier Kings are all well preserved and even the rivers and other beautiful water bodies are still very clear and pristine, which is an enormous effort put in by the people of Bhutan. The country has rightly balanced the modernization with preservation of its culture and traditions.

The reservoir of traditions as well as Animals

The country doesn’t radiate happiness when its nature and the wildlife and jungles are being overused for development. Bhutan has done it right until now and the raw natural beauty is well preserved and is also home to many endangered species like the Black-neck Crane, the Blue Sheep, the Golden Langur, the White-bellied Heron and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Being a reservoir of endangered species of animals, the kingdom has also successfully preserved the rich culture from their heritage which has helped them to gain a unique identity.

What does it take a country to be Happy?

The developed countries around the world have been producing high-end missiles and satellites which are supposed to create a happy future but no country actually does an effort to evaluate the current situation of the mental health of its population. Bhutan always has believed that man can only survive by being in touch with the past.

The main aim of the kingdom of Bhutan is to ensure that the people of the country or the Gross Domestic Happiness is maintained. Bhutan is the only country in the world which has exercised practical efforts to ensure that its economic development is well channelized among its population to keep them Happy.

The country of Bhutan has been flooded with an enormous traffic of tourist who wants to explore the hidden paradise of Bhutan and they want to experience the real heaven on earth.

The Bhutan tourism states “Take nothing but Pictures and leave nothing but footsteps”

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