What to see in Bhutan for 7days 6nights

Bhutan is a country known by mystical names such as ‘the Last Shangri-la’, and the ‘land of the Thunder Dragon’. Bhutan is known to be the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world. The strong sense of culture and tradition of the people of Bhutan makes the country unique and different from its neighboring countries. Bhutan attracts a large number of tourists every year mainly due to the scenic landscape and breathtaking views. Bhutan is a country that allows modern developments keeping a close and a strict check on their culture and traditions. If you want to experience this enchanting land here is an itinerary list that may be of use for you.

Day 1- Welcome to the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’-Bhutan:


After you check out from the airport with your belongings, your English, Hindi and Bengali speaking driver will pick you up from Paro international airport and drive you to your assigned hotel.

Day 1 Activities: You can take a stroll to the market in the evening and try out some of the local Bhutanese cuisines.

Your first day in Bhutan has come to an end. Do sleep well as your sightseeing journey begins from tomorrow

Day 2- the visit to the ‘Tiger’s Nest’- Paro Taktsang, Paro:


After the morning breakfast at around 8 o clock, your driver will pick you up from your hotel and drive you till Ramathangkha from there you will have to hike for 1.3miles.

Taktsang Dzong is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bhutan probably due to the unusual location of the monastery. It is located on a cliffside of the Upper Paro valley about 800m from the valley. The monastery is dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava. The scenic view from this place is simply mesmerizing. If you want information regarding Paro Bhutan sightseeing do contact Utkarsh travels as they will cater to your queries.

Activities:  visit the cave temple in the monastery and the scenic views of the valley.

After a phenomenal day in Tatksang, your driver will drive you back to your hotel. Rest well as tomorrow you will have to cover a long distance.

Distance from Paro to Taktsang Monastery=11km

Arrival time= 22mins

Day 3- the visit to Punakha Dzong, Punakha:


After your morning breakfast, your driver will pick you up and drive you to Punakha valley where you will be able to witness the mighty Punakha Dzong. The Dzong is the best sightseeing in Punakha Bhutan

The Punakha Dzong is a very significant building as it is the administrative center of the Punakha District. It was the capital of Bhutan till 1955. The scenic view of the Punakha valley from here is absolutely stunning.

Activities:  the suspension bridge in Punakha, and the Punakha Dzong itself.

After a happening day in Punakha, your driver will drive you back to your hotel.

Distance from Paro to Punakha=127kms

Arrival time= 3hrs 20mins

Day 4- visit the “New Village”-Trongsa:

Day 4

After morning breakfast your driver will drive you to the beautiful village of Trongsa

The village is known for its scenic beauty and the famous Trongsa Dzong. The history of the Wangchuk kings can be witnessed from the Dzong. The charm and beauty of this place will make you fall in love. If you want further information regarding the various Bhutan attractions and sightseeing do contact Utkarsh travels as they will be happy to help you.

Activities: visit the Trongsa Dzong, Chendebji Chorten, and the Trongsa Museum

After a lovely day in Trongsa, your driver will drive you back to your hotel.

Distance from Paro to Trongsa=233kms

Arrival time= 6hrs 30mins

Day 5- Visit the modern city-Thimphu:

Day 5

After morning breakfast your driver will pick you up and drive you to Thimphu.

Thimphu is known to be one of the most modern cities in Bhutan and it is the only city with no traffic lights. Thimphu offers a wide variety of activities for every kind of a traveler ranging from a backpacker, an adventure junkie or a nature lover. There is something for everyone here. The Tashichho Dzong is the main place for sightseeing in Thimphu Bhutan

Activities: visit the weekend market, National Textile Museum, visit the Tashichho Dzong.

After a wonderful day in Thimphu, your driver will take you back to your hotel and you can have a good rest.

Distance from Paro to Thimphu=51km

Arrival time= 1Hr 18mins

Day 6- the visit to the Phobjikha Valley:


After you are done with your morning breakfast your driver will pick you up and drive you to phobjikha Valley.

It is one of the most charming and delightful villages in the Wangdue Phodrang district. The valley is the home of the famous black-necked crane. There are amazing trekking trails and the scenery from here is absolutely mesmerizing. The beauty of the phobjikha valley makes this place one of the most famous Bhutan sightseeing places.

Activities: the spectacular view of the valley, the black-necked crane.

After a wonderful day in the valley, your driver will drive you back to the hotel

Distance from Paro to phobjikha =185kms

Arrival Time= 3hrs 42mins

Day 7- Farewell Bhutan:

Your trip has come to an end. After morning breakfast, your driver will pick you up from your hotel and drop you in Paro Airport from where you will depart as per your scheduled flight timings. Hope you had a pleasant stay. Wish you a safe journey home

Review : Kannatoy, San Francisco, California

“A friend had recommended Bhutan Karma Trails when I was looking for a tour company for our group of seven travelers from San Francisco, USA. The owner, Sonam Jamtso, quickly responded to my email for information. We “massaged” the suggested 10-day itinerary until it met the needs of our tour starting on March 12, 2017.Due to severe weather conditions, our flight from Delhi to Paro was 9 hours late. However, as soon as we came out of the arrival gate, we were met by our guide, Rinzin Wangchuk, and driver, Khandu. Immediately, we were warmed by their friendly smiles and greetings in perfect English.”

Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in

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Bhutan is definitely a mystic and enchanting place. The breathtaking scenic views and the beautiful forts is a special treat for the eyes. From amazing places to a great nightlife, Bhutan has something to offer to every kind of traveler.

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