Trust on It, Rental Car from NJP is the Best Transport Option on a Trip to Northeast India

You definitely won’t be happy to have any issue during a trip to somewhere. A safe and smooth journey always is a big part of a memorable experience of tour. But without a proper planning and schedule, it may turn to more or less bitter experience because any issue can show up at that time. Among all of them, the worst is a bad transport facility. Wherever you are heading to with your family or friends, if you don’t have a proper and secured mean of transport, most of the locations of your travel destination might be left unseen, or certainly it is going to ruin your fresh mood.

Car Rental utkarsh

So a rental car for tour is the best way you can travel, especially while visiting the Northeast India. Most of the people, who come to visit north-eastern part of India from outside, reach first Siliguri by train and hire car on rental from NJP Railway Station. And there are several tour operators near NJP who organises a rental car for Sikkim-Darjeeling tour or a tour to Northeast India. Even if you have a car, it’s best for you to go for car provided by car rental agencies of Siliguri who provide pick up and drop at service from NJP Railway Station.

If you are seeking for a reason to hire car rental service from NJP, you’re going to get a lot of them. Firstly, you are the boss yourself. Nobody is going to decide where to go, when to go, what to see in your planned tour, which is a problem in group tours on bus. Besides, there are lots of places in Himalayan hills and foothill areas which are amazingly beautiful, but so remote that no bigger transport is easily accessed there. Hiring a car from travel agencies of Northeast India save both of your money and time, you reach faster at your destination. And it’s a damn good option to go on a car trip from Siliguri if you cannot drive well yourself in hill areas like Sikkim or Darjeeling or don’t know it at all. Get a reliable, experienced, well-mannered driver from your car agent in Siliguri and enjoy the time with your family or friends. Do you know what the best part is for those who like to drive themselves? They simply find it fun to drive a new car.

It might be a concern about renting a car from NJP, a car which just suits your preference, you will find many tour operators offering rental car for tour. They offer large variety in cars according to your trip. Whether you are going on a leisure tour or adventure trip, whether you need a car for on-road or off-road drive, a car with AC or Non-AC –you have a wide range of options to choose from. And for those who love to drive, the travel operators of Siliguri provide excellent opportunity of driving cars like Omni, Scorpio, Accent, Honda City, Dezire, Indica, SUV etc. So what are you waiting for? Ride on and enjoy spending crazy times in extraordinary places of Darjeeling, Sikkim and Seven Sister’s States of India on your next holiday trip.


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