7 Travel Destinations in Kolkata for Travellers on Budget

The cultural, political and commercial capital of the Indian state West Bengal, Kolkata, is definitely a paradise for travellers since the British era. Not only bearing a huge part in Indian political history, Kolkata sightseeing places are largely varied in importance from religious, cultural, natural and many other points of view. This variety is the reason that pulls numerous tourists each year towards it.

It is often thought the Kolkata city tour consists of so many places to visit, and thus it results in high expense. On the other hand, planning a budget trip to Kolkata on yourself might exclude some locations that you will regret later for not visiting them. If you are up to experience the best ones of the mega city within your budget, you must contact trusted travel agents who provide tour packages for this city on middle and lower budget as per you choice. This is the best option for you as they are well aware of all the prime and most significant places to visit in Kolkata to fit in your budget.

Victoria memorial

victoria memorial in kolkata

After the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, a marble palace as memorial of the Queen was suggested to be constructed by George Curzon, then Viceroy of India. After the commission in 1906, it began to be built, following the model of the Taj Mahal, and finally opened to the public in 1921. Victoria Memorial with the statue of Nike, Greek goddess of victory, on the top is still a matter of pride and joy for Kolkata. Various artefacts of British and pre-British era, paintings of Mughal School, British royal families and company school, various lithographs and historical documents can be seen here.

Indian Museum

india museum kolkata

In 1814, the Asiatic Society of Bengal in Kolkata, with the help of a Danish botanist, Dr Nathaniel Wallich, founded the oldest museum of India in this city. The different six sections here have thirty-five galleries, which execute rare collection of artefacts of cultural and scientific value, like age old paintings, mummy, antiques, armour, fossils, skeletons, ornaments etc. Such huge collection and large space makes it the largest museum in India.

South Park Street Cemetery

south park street cemetery kolkata

Ever wondered why a cemetery in South Park Street became one of the most popular tourist spots in Kolkata? It’s because this is one of the earliest non-church cemeteries in the world, containing tombs of many famous persons of 18th and 19th century including Sir William Jones, the founder of Asiatic Society. The cemetery is now under the protection of Archaeological Survey of India and has ranked amongst the top haunted places of India.

Marble Palace

marble-palace kolkata

If you wish to witness an example of the 19th century Kolkata, do not forget to visit the Marble Palace in Muktaram Babu Street of North Kolkata. Raja Rajendra Mullick Bahadur built this marble mansion in 1835 out of his passion for art. He used to keep his collection of excellent works of art in this mansion, built in basically neoclassical style. The zoo beside the palace was also opened by Rajendra Mullick which shelter some peacocks, cranes, pelicans, storks, and hornbills today.

Dakshineshwar Kali Mandir

dakshineswar-kali-temple kolkata

Built in 1855 by Rani Rashmoni, the entire complex of this Hindu temple is regarded as one of the most religious and frequently visited destination of whole Bengal. Bhavatarini, a form of goddess Kali, is the prime deity of Dakshineshwar Mandir, along with Lord Shiva and deities like Radha and Krishna. The three-storied temple is a fine example of nine spires style of the architecture of Bengal and has a courtyard surrounding it.

Birla Mandir

birla mandir kolkata

The industrial family of the Birla built this temple, which took 26 years to complete. Spread on 44 kathas of land, it is located in Asuthosh Chowdhury Avenue in Ballygunge. Construction of the temple started in 1970 and the inauguration was done on 1996. Statues of the deities Krishna and Radha are seen in the main temple, while the statues of Durga and Shiva are in left and right dome of the temple respectively.

Fort William & Maidan


Situated on the eastern banks of river Hooghly, this fort was built after the name of King William III. This is the most amazing edifice of British Raj in Kolkata. There are actually two Fort Williams. After the old one near bank of Hooghly was conquered by Nawab Siraj Ud Daulah and was named as Alinagar, the new fort was built in Maidan. During the construction, the Maidan was cleared and became the ‘lungs of Kolkata’. Still now it is the largest urban park of the city and includes playgrounds like Eden Gardens, Kolkata Race Course and many football fields.


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