Top places to visit in Bhutan in February to experience winter

What kind of holiday do you want in Bhutan? There are endless excitement and adventure for the adrenaline junkies, peace, and seclusion for the pilgrims, gaiety, and celebration for the cultural freaks, hot springs, and spa for the ones that seek rejuvenation. And my narration goes on until wanderlusts start to envy me! There’s both peace and bustling inside the domain that appears mysterious from outside.  So, if you’d prefer a holiday with lesser crowds, amid the sparsely populated regions offering the best of Bhutan sightseeing places at the cheapest prices, then have your holiday customized in the month of February.

Bhutan Temperature in February

And you know, the mercury will drop down to the lowest in February. The winters prevail in February, including December and January. So, basically, the temperature of Bhutan in February lingers somewhere between 10-15 Degree Celsius during the day. The mercury drops down to minus 0(zero) Degree Celsius during the night. There’s always the possibility of snowfall in Thimphu and Paro during the winter nights.  Punakha, however, remains much warmer as compared to other regions. The higher you ascend, the colder there is.

Bhutan Weather in February

Bhutan Weather in February

Winter seasons are basically the season of peacefulness. It usually evokes the sentiment of seclusion and detachment from the chaos and the restlessness. Besides, it calms and provides the distressed mind and soul, a much-needed break from the cruel summer sun and random monsoon downpour.  So, talking about the weather of Bhutan in February, It is assured that you will experience the chilly short days and prolonged nights. So, make sure you carry enough warm clothes and shoes. February is the best time to watch the snowfall. Experience the bliss amid the pristine white realm, if not all but at Thimphu, Paro, and in the western regions of Bhutan where there is so much more to experience and to discover!

Bhutan climate in February

The climate of Bhutan in February is immensely diverse. The two main factors responsible for climate variations in Bhutan are; the North Indian Monsoons and wide variance in altitudes in the country itself. Winter prevails in February on entire Bhutan. An extensive region of the country remains under frost and snowfall, which are common in the regions above 3,000 meters. However, the temperature in Southern Bhutan dwindles from 15-30 Degree Celsius as the whole region is blessed with humid sub-tropical climate throughout the year.

Recommended things to do in Bhutan in February

Apart from enjoying Bhutan attractions and sightseeing with a row of snow decked peaks and the pristine landscapes, Bhutan offers the best of the Tshechu celebrations in February.

Attend festivals and venture in celebrations in February in Bhutan, indulge in sightseeing activities, try out authentic Bhutanese cuisines, go for shopping, venture in Photography, etc.  Below is the two major Tshechus that is celebrated in the month of February in Bhutan.

Punakha Dromche & Tshechu

Punakha Dromche & Tshechu

The week-long celebration honoring the founding of Bhutan in the 1600s

Location: Ancient Capital Punakha at Punakha Dzong.

Advantages: Gaiety Celebration, exotic and delicious cuisines, a vivid glimpse into Bhutanese culture and spirituality, a perfect escape from winter because, Punakha experiences mild weather in winter!

Trongsa Tshechu

Trongsa Tshechu

The Trongsa Tshechu is another vibrant celebration in the month of February, and it is a friendly event with just a few of visiting travelers. This festival produces some of the most extensive festival costumes for the dancing monks.

Location: Trongsa Dzong

Advantages: Insight about the traditions, cultures of Bhutan, excellent photography, food, and drink, merriment, etc.

Best places to visit in Bhutan in February

Winter Season or, the month of February presents some of the irresistible alternatives for sightseeing in Bhutan. With much of the east-west highway closed down by the bulk snowfall, February is the best time to explore the western districts for Paro Bhutan sightseeing, Wangdue, Thimphu, Punakha, and Haa.

Another major attraction in February is the jaw-dropping Gangtey at Phobjikha valley with a vast expanse of rolling plain and bamboo shrubs. The beautiful and exotic Black-Necked Cranes migrate from the Tibetan plateau during this season, granting the wanderlusts photographers the best alternative for wildlife photography.

So, why to think twice when you can have the best at the lowest price!

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