The Journey to Ravangla from Siliguri with car fare

If you are a philanthropist, the trip to Ravangla will definitely be a spiritual journey that will rejuvenate you. Thousands of tourists visit the Buddha Park which is one of the main attractions here. The peaceful ambiance and the scenic beauty here will definitely be a blissful experience for all kinds of travelers. The journey will be long but you will have nature to accompany you as T.S Elliot had said: “it is the journey and not the arrival that matters”.

Distance from Siliguri to Ravangla=118km

Duration: 4h 20m

Siliguri to Ravangla Road Map:-

Siliguri to Ravangla road map

Siliguri to Ravangla car fare:-

585Rs (price may vary on the car type)

Something about the place-Ravangla

Located at an altitude of 7,000ft, Ravangla is a beautiful little town in South Sikkim.The place has a distinctive old-school charm about it and if you are one of those who loves the company of nature then spending a couple of days here would definitely be a great investment.

Ravangla attracts tourist in large numbers every year due to the tropical flora and fauna, pompous snow mountains, roaring waterfalls, old-fashioned villages, picturesque tea gardens, ethnic culture, old monasteries and youthful atmosphere. Ravangla is unique from other destinations in Sikkim due to the Bonn Monastery, Ralang Monastery, and the old and historical market of Kewzing, along with mysterious small caves. The key point of attraction is the festivals of Sikkim which are celebrated highly and in good spirit.

Things to see here: Buddha Park, Ralong hot water springs, and Old Ralang monastery.

Best time to visit: March to June.

Best accommodations: Hotel Zumthang, Lookboong Hotel Ravangla.

Car rental Details:

There are many tours and traveling agencies that provide car rental service in Siliguri. The car can be hired to go to destinations like Gangtok, Darjeeling, Nepal, Pelling, Ravangla and many more.

The cost of car hire in Siliguri for the journey to Ravangla depends on the car you choose as there is a variety of car’s available for hires such as hatchbacks, SUV ’s, luxury cars and sedans.

Something about the journey to Ravangla:

If you are a nature lover then you will definitely enjoy the journey as you will be able to witness the beautiful lush green hills, the fierce river Teesta flowing just on the side of the road and the magnificent streams and waterfalls.

Things to see: lush green hills, the majestic Teesta River, streams and waterfalls

I hope that the information that I have provided above will be helpful for your journey to Ravangla. Ravangla is a small beautiful town with scenic landscapes and friendly people. You will definitely have a good time here. Do let us know about your experience. Hope you have a safe journey and pleasant stay.

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