The EverGreen Beauty of North Bengal

North Bengal is a perfect place to explore. You just can’t ignore its beauty and magnificence.

Full of green and vibrancy this place is like poetry. In North Bengal you will find enchanting forest in the Dooars region, meandering rivers, wild animals and great resorts. Then in Darjeeling there are picturesque mountain range, world’s one of the best tea gardens and tourist attractions. In Gangtok you can take up bike trips to unbelievably great destinations. Not only that you can shop some great Souvenirs in Gangtok too.

Today in this article you will get to know something that is lesser known about North Bengal. Something that is yet to be discovered by many.

Know in details about ten most beautiful offbeat places in North Bengal:


Things to do here: An absolute heaven for the bird lovers and tourists those who are seeking adventure.

Location: In the hills of Kalimpong, there is a place called Nero Valley National Park. Just at the edge of this park, you will find this place.

Altitude: 1868m is it’s elevation from the sea level.

Best time to visit: Summer months from March to May is the best time to visit this wonderful place. You can choose the best package for holidays in Darjeeling to visit here.



Things to do here: A beautiful amalgamation of the small streams, tea gardens, and mesmerising forest is the place called Samsing. You can do trekking, stay in mindblowing resorts, visit national parks and feel the ultimate Dooars here.

Location: It is just 18 km from Nero valley national park and 85 km from Siliguri. You can go for a car rental to visit this place in Darjeeling.

Altitude: It’s not a high place. But Dooars.

Best time to visit: Winter is the best time to visit here. December to March.

3.Sillery Gaon:

Things to do here: To get a magnificent view of Kanchendzonga this is the best place to visit. This is a small fairytale village in the midst of beautiful pine trees.

Location: In New Darjeeling, it is located at a distance of 8 km from Pedong.

Altitude: 6000ft above sea level.

Best time to visit: Any time of the year.



Things to do here: This could be the place where fairies live. You might have read about this type of place in your story books. It’s a place yet to be discovered by many. Isolated from the humdrum of life, this will give you absolute solace.

Location: 28 km away from Darjeeling.

Altitude: 4000 ft above sea level.

Best time to visit: during winters.


Things to do here: It’s the place where mostly the monks live. A village where cattle rearing and farming is what people do for living. You can learn about a simple life from here.

Location: 23 km from Darjeeling hills.

Altitude: 5700ft above sea level.

Best time to visit: Winters are the best time to visit. January and February.



Things to do here: The hills that cover the place look like ovens from far distance. If you are a nature lover you will fall in love with the place.

Location: 3 km away from Takdah.

Altitude: 5800ft from sea level.

Best time to visit: Any time of the year.


Things to do here: Beautiful wildlife and Mountain View. Nice tree plantations. Enjoy with the nature.

Location: 44 kms away from NJP.

Altitude: 4200 ft above the sea level.

Best time to visit: Summer is the best time to visit.



Things to do here: Another place to fall in love for. A beauty of nature to be witnessed.

Location: Situated at the foothills of the Singalila National Park.

Altitude: In the foothills so no altitude.

Best time to visit: Summer months, May and June.



Things to do here: It is a small place on the hilltop wildlife and it is named after the two lakes here. You will see white swans floating in the lake here.

Location: 19 kms from the main town of Darjeeling.

Altitude: 7400 ft above sea level.

Best time to visit: Winter is the best time to visit here.



Things to do here: You can find wild animals like Pangolins and Red Panda here.

Location: 45 hrs from NJP to reach here.

Altitude: 7250 ft above sea level.

Best time to visit: Winters are the best time to visit here. December to February is the best months of the year to visit here.

Visit this spectacular natural beauty of North Bengal and fall in love with nature.


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