Step Feet in The Best Places of North East India in This Winter Vacations

Like the ornate dim in the breaking sky, the outside globe has from time antediluvian been alluring to India, wilderness, the tropical land of history, spiritualism and naturalism. Timeless cities, temples, bygone Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist Kingdoms reveal the extemporaneous affinity. With such cultural and natural miscellany up for grabs, your holiday to Northeast India during this winter will thrill you footing up hospitality, spicy food, marvelling handicrafts & celestial hamlets.

Seven Sisters States in Winter

Consisting of 8 states, contiguous Seven Sister states (Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, and Nagaland) and the Himalayan State of Sikkim, North East India has some actual astonishes for the tourist. Not so much orthodox on the tourists map, yet the North Eastern India, has its own majestic that will clean you off your feet. Spend winter vacation here for once and lose yourself in its fascinating magic.

Seven Sisters States in Winter

Round of the year is best for visiting the Northeast India, but from my personal & practical experience, I always suggest for the winter season.  The breathtaking scenery, panoramic view, lush Green Mountain, zigzag hilly stream, vast villages & verdant valley make the Northeast India perfect destination for winter holidays.

Here are best places to visit in Northeast India in winter & season marked by a string of holidays, itching your feet to travel.

Get to “The Orchid State of India”- Arunachal Pradesh

It is holding the most northeast position among the other states in northeast India. It shares National borders with Assam and Nagaland, International Borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh. It is also known as the “Paradise of Botanist”. In winter Roing and Tawang are the most important destination in Arunachal Pradesh  based on the review of traveller these two are lovely and awesome winter destination with family” Mr. Bipul Nag  from Kolkata , “Tawang has a romantic beauty in winter I think it is perfect place in Arunachal Pradesh for the winter trip”- Shashank Saini from Delhi.

Explore in Tawang

The name Tawang means Horse Chosen. It was historically part of Tibet inhabited by Monpa people. In every December-January snowfalls occurs here at Tawang. It is situated at the 10000 ft above from sea level. Tawang’s beauty interact your eyes and moves towards your spirit. Steep mountainous roads scatter with grassy valleys and the snow-capped mountain peaks perceptible in the near away make Tawang a beautiful getaway for tourist looking for something out of the traditional. Last year I was going in Arunachal Pradesh with my friends in the last of December month. The memories of Tawang are still fresh in my mind.

Way to Tawang

We can travel by Air, Road or Train from anywhere of the world. If you want an exotic journey then come by flight at Tezpur then take a bus for Tawang which is roughly 319 km.  For more details visit the official site of Tawang

Twang in Winter

Explore in Roing

Roing is a picturesque city in a valley by the side of the Dibang River. You could have best vacations at Roing city in Arunachal Pradesh where the best of nature and the intensity of human talent can be adored. Roing, one of the ornaments of the state, is located in Lower Dibang Valley. It entices the cross-section of the society with its attractive landscape, adventurous locations and bygone history. The Roing has enormous potential in general and Eco Tourism in particular. During last year my Arunachal Pradesh trip Roing gave me a thrilling experience.  Visit the Roing between the months of October to February because this time weather is very pleasant and lotus flower bloom in the pond and lakes.

Way to Roing

Roing can approach from the Dibrugarh airport or Tinsukia railhead in Assam. Good idea is to rent a private cab, which are readily available at the Airport and the railway station, for the duration of your stay here because on the way of Roing have various sightseeing. More details visit the official website of Lower Dibang Valley:

Roing in Winter

The Land of Culture-Assam

Assam gets you marvelling! It truly does! Catching the eyes of adventure fanatic, & nature lovers Assam is a complete delight!  And if bragging is not a wrong may I say that even the veteran photographers have put Assam in their Well Dairies! It is located in North east India. It is shares national border with rest of seven Sister states and West Bengal and international border with Bangladesh and Bhutan.  It is blessed with eye catching nature and lands of everywhere in Assam offers awesome opportunity to the tourists to enjoy every moment being on trip. According to the travellers Guwahati and Nagaon are the best destination in winter in Assam.

The Smart City- Guwahati

Guwahati, Gauhati, was popularly known, Pragjyotishpura (The light of the east). Guwahati is contemplating as the Gateway to the North-East and is the biggest city in Assam. The Brahmaputra River separates the city into two, making it an extraordinary mix of hilly terrains and waving flatland. The city is the heart of Assam, rendering the curious tour with a heady mix of old traditions and western culture. Green mountains, lush tea estates, art galleries, ancient temples and  monuments, as well as the spirited modern culture, Guwahati offers the  travellers, making it an romantic and adventurous memory for lifetime.

Way to Guwahati

Guwahati has the all means of transport air, rail and road. It directly connected with the all major cities of the country, as well as the aboard. Huge number of train, bus and plain are running all through the day from Guwahati. More details visits the official web site of Guwahati :

Guwahati in Winter

Land of Rhino and Satras-Nagaon

Ngaon is a beautiful city situated in the state of Assam. It is a district of the states. Nagaon enclose the rich natural beauty that the Assam is famous for. A trip to Nagaon is not only invigorating but also an enriching experience for its artistically reserve forest and traditional festivals. A visit to the city will bring the traveller near to the legendary River of Brahmaputra. The place is also in close nearness to the renowned Kaziranga National Park. It offers its visitors the exclusive environment to soak in the wild life and rural India and beauty of nature. From my practical experience winter is the Best seasons to visit this pretty place.

Way to Nagaon

Nagaon is approximately 120 km away from the city Guwahati. So you can come by the train, Bus, or flight and then take bus or private taxi from any of the above place. On the way of Nagaon, there have lots of sightseeing. For details visit the official site of Nagaon:

Nagaon in Winter

The Land of Mizos-Mizoram

Mizoram is the beautiful North eastern state of India, slices its international borders with Myanmar, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and national borders with Assam and Manipur. The word Mizoram means “the land of mizos”, the indulgent, who are very particular about their morality and deontology. The cities of Mizoram are cocooned by the high mountains, thick bamboo forests and rare flora and fauna. On the opposite of these woods are the steep hills with lush green fields. The winding river with a graceful trade and glinting waterfalls make up the pleasant atmosphere of the state.  According to the reviews of traveller Lawngtlai and Aizwal are most interesting place in Mizoram in winter. Mr. Agarwal  from Chennai “ Aizwal made me mad by its artistically beauty and weather, I recommended to all of you that visit this capital city in winter” , “ Aizwal and Lawngtlai , I never seen in all of the world in winter season” Ashuthos Samal from Delhi.

Step Your Feet in Aizwal

The largest city in Mizoram, Aizawl, is the capital city of the state of Mizoram, is located in a attractive setting on the ridges of hills, overlooking valley and hill ranges beyond. It is rightly called the ‘Home of Highlanders’, Aizawl also full of cultural richness. In winter season Aizwal is looking just like a new bride with its picturesque beauty and glorious tradition.

Way to Aizwal 

You can reach Aizwal through Air, Road or Railway. Aizwal connected with all major city with air way. There has lot of trains from various rail stations to Aizwal. For details visits the official website of Aizwal:

Aizawl in Winter

Experience in Champhai

Champhai is a trading town in Mizoram and since it is located close to Myanmar, it is also an important land for business with the neighbouring country. It is also popularly known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Mizoram’ and with its many mountains, orchids, monuments, plentiful wildlife and the marvellous surroundings; Champhai is surely one of the most popular travel destinations of Mizoram states.

Way to Champhai

Best way to reach Champhai is road transport from Aizwal. At first reach the Aizwal by road, railway or Airway then take bus of Private taxi from the Aizwal city and within few hours you will reach the Champhai. Further details visit the official website:

Champai in Winter

Land of Cloud – Meghalaya

It is a tiny state of northeast India. It receives the heavy rainfall and the 2nd wettest place in world. Meghalaya is rich in vibrant culture, amazing scenic beauty, tradition, and tranquillity. Scenic Meghalaya with majestic mountains, dense forests, spectacular waterfalls and valleys is a heaven to nature lovers. Meghalaya means ‘The abode of clouds’. I honestly suggest you for must visiting the Baghamara and Cherrapunjee.

Step Your Feet in Baghamara  

Baghmara is situated in the state of Meghalaya. The town shares an international border with Bangladesh. Baghmara is an important trading town of Meghalaya. Let’s experience the culture and traditions of the Garo community. The Simsang River’s fish are popular to be extremely delicious. The vegetable cultivated from the southern slopes of the Hills is also much purchased for its freshness and quality.

Way to Baghamara

The city has not any Rail station and airport so one can travel from the Guwahati, 150 km from city, only by bus or private car. one also can reach Baghamara from Tura or Shillong. More here:

Baghmara in Winter

Experience in Cherrapunji

The 2nd wettest place in the world finds its home in Meghalaya. Cherrapunji is also famous for its Double Decker Living Root Bridges, formed due to incessant rain. Underneath these bridges you can set up a camp & enjoy the lovely weather! Cherrapunji caught lot of traveller because of its plentiful natural beauty, package of waterfalls and valleys, canyons & caves, evergreen cloudy terrain and heavy rains. Cherrapunji, also popular as “Sohra” or “Churra”, which means ‘the land of oranges’. The rock face of Cherrapunji also proffers remarkable views of the plains of Bangladesh. Cherrapunji is located approximate 60 km from the Shillong in east khasi District.

Way to Cherrapunji

Borjhar airport, Guwahati railway station around 150-170 km away. So one can come by train or flight in Guwahati then take a bus or private taxi and directly reach the Cherrapunji without facing any difficulty. More details:

Cherrapunjee in Winter

Take an Appointment With Tripura

One of the Seven Sister States in north east India, Tripura is a paradise for nature lovers.  Tripura is believed to be derives from “Tripura Sundori”– the premium god of the Tripura in Hindus as one the fifty one peeths of Hindu. Tour to Tripura will be very exciting because unexplored forests, majestic valleys, attractive waterfalls and gorgeous mountains, bountiful natural purlieus, and ethnical diversity make Tripura a best land to unwind. Its bygone history and culture attract the history lovers to visit the place. Agartala and Unkoti are the attractive destination in Tripura in winter most of the visitor said about these two places after completed their trip.

Get To The Agartala

Capital city of Tripura famous for the travel in Northeast India. It would the naturally first choose for the travel seekers. The land is rich in abounded natural beauty and also boasts of being resides to various tribes. Hence, it is a colourful representation of various ethnical cultures. Agartala is famous for beautiful palaces, monuments, temples and handicrafts. It has a rich ancient history too. If you are planning to tour Tripura, don’t miss the top destination in Agartala.

Way to Agartala

You can reach the Agartala by Bus railway or flight. It has the all means of transport as it is the capital city of Agartala. One can easily reach the Agartala by any of means of transport. More details:

Tea state of tripura in winter

Some Solace Time in Unakoti

It means “One less than a core”, that these many rock cut etching are available here at Unakoti. As the Hindu mythology Lord Shiva spend a night halt at this here when he was going to Varanasi along with one core God and Goddesses. The next morning lord Shiva asked other God and Goddesses to wake up and for Varanasi but no except Shiva proceeded for Varanasi. Lord Shiva damned others and since then they have changed into stone images. Thereby there are one less than core images in a amazing lush topography.

Way to Unakoti

From Agartala to Kailashahar by bus\by train up to Kumarghat and then after half an hour journey by other means to Kailashahar. Details:

Winter in Unakoti

Switzerland of India-Manipur  

Shyly snuggled in the northeast corner of India, the abundant green state of Manipur suitably deserves the name, which means “the jewel of a land”. The charming landscape is known to the world more because of its godly Manipuri dance form. Set between smoky blue hills, the state of Manipur is a land of legend and mystery. Its hill and forests proffer a stunning backdrop to the many travelers’ attractions in the state. Nature is breathtakingly beautiful and the serenity is professing.

Precious “There is a place in Manipur by the name Bishnupur. You need to travel more”

 Ritika “It’s not necessary that there is only 1 Bishnupur in whole India. M from Assam n here also there is a place named Bishnupur”. From–

On view and on my personal experiences I must say Bishnupur and Imphal are the most important place in Manipur in Winter Seasons.

Fix an Appointment with Imphal

The bustling capital city of the state Manipur lies in a heart model valley 790 m above sea level. It is a fusion of various tribes that compose the populace of the state. Tourist attractions in the Manipur state are mostly located in and around the Imphal. Sprawling grasslands and dense forests make the city a heaven on earth. It indicates the rich tradition of the Manipur.

Way to Imphal

There are no railway connection to Manipur, nearest railway station is Dimapur ( Nagaland )  then after you can take private Taxi or bus it take more or less 9 hours to reach the Imphal.  By air you can come Imphal, which is 6 km away from the main city there has very selective flights to connect with majors cities of India. The best car to rent is a 4WD that comes with a chauffeur and it is sensible to have spare parts because breakdown facilities on the roads are very negligible. More details visit the

Winter in Imphal

A Spiritual insight at Bishnupur

Bishnupur is popular for its chiselled stoneware.  Contemplate a religious land thanks to the many temples situated here. It is one of the most frequented place in state for both its places of worship and natural beauty. The bygone temples here reflect the boats culture of the land and its architectural brilliance.

Way to Bishnupur

Bishnupur is reached by all means of transport, by road, rail and air from the any of the country. First reached the Imphal and then come here at Bishnupur. For  More details  visits the official web site of  Bishnupur


Nagaland – the paradise for tourists

The hilly state of Nagaland is a fantasy tourist place for the international tourists. Breathtaking valleys and charming hills, the length of the time you would spend in this tiny state, would present you a marvellous vacation time. It mingles perfectly with every traveller expectations – the tranquil atmosphere makes you unwind and refresh; the elegant landscapes and beautiful sunrise and sunsets upgrade your soul to a different plane; and the mountains region makes it a best place for daring activities such as jungle camping, trekking,  and rock climbing. Dimapur and wokha are the perfect destinations in Nagaland to spend winter vacations winter seasons.

Feel Surrounded by Romance – Dimapur

Think to be the entry point of the state Nagaland, officially welcomes to you to the state. It is a well communicated town that rich superb road conditions and charming landscape. The town proffers sufficient of opportunities to history and nature lovers. It is a colourful land that reflects real Nagaland.  In Naga, Dimapur means the ‘the city near a great river’. The perfect magnificence and the pristine exquisiteness are valuable. The place is holy with heavenly beauty.

Way to Dimapur

The city is connected with all others city of the country through the air land and railway. So, one can come here by any modes of transport without facing any difficulty. Further details visit the official website:

Winter in Dimapur

Capital City –Kohima

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, is one of the best attractions in the Nagaland. Kohima has picturesque views to offer to the tourists. It is the perfect place for Trekkers as there are huge opportunities  for trekking and camping.

Way to Kohima

The nearest airport and railway station is Dimapur. So first reach the Dimapur then after take a bus or taxi here it is few hours journey from Dimapur to Kohima. There are lots of sightseeing on the way of Kohima. More details visit:

winter in kohima

Himalayan State of Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the beauties states in north eastern India. It is nicely covered and beautifully landlocked with massive natural beauty, it has all, which would quite you from the tiredness of strenuous day-to-day activities. The state is rich in cultural heritage and homes an abundance of different flora and fauna. Many travel agents in Sikkim give you the very professional and memorable trip in Himalayan states of Sikkim.

Niddhi singh  “in winter Gangtok and Nathu la pass must visit in Sikkim. You will fall in love with these places”.

Rruchi R keswani  “really just awesome in Sikkim. I want to go again there in Gangtok and Nathu la pass.”

Charming and Picturesque Town-Gangtok

The capital of Sikkim is a delightful and romantic city, bestride with noticeable houses spilling down the hillside. The city has a blend of traditional customs and western way of living which makes the place exclusive. It’s an attractive town with all modern facilities that one can ask for. The city is refreshingly tidy and well ordered, and most travellers spend a pair of days in Gangtok tour packages, to make their travel arrangements and see the sights.

Way to Gangtok

Take a cab from New Jalpaiguri or Bagdogra  airport it will take 4-5 hours to reach Gangtok. More details  visits

Prehistoric Silk Road– Nathu la pass

There have lots of Car rental in Gangtok hire car from them and take drive, reach the Nathu la pass, is an offshoot of the old silk route. The journey in Nathu la Pass is an intoxicate experience, with cloud covered peaks, meandering roads and blazing waterfalls, the transit is simply amazing. In winter season Nathu la pass covered with snow.

Gangtok in Winter season

Way to Nathu la Pass

You can come by bus or taxi from the east of Gangtok. Nearest railway and airport is Siliguri, takes 4-5 hours by bus or taxi from Siliguri. Further details visit:

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