Rock Climbing in Bhutan- An exotic adventure which is sure to give you goose bumps

Bhutan- the country of Happiness

Bhutan is the most beautiful country with ancient traditions and history. It is also the happiest country where Gross National Happiness is measured rather than Gross National Product. Being modernized it has still played an important role in preserving its ethnicity at its best. Along with the wonderful traditions, it is also famous in adventure sports which give the tourists a thrilling experience to explore Bhutan in a better way.

Not only that, Utkarsh Travels is giving you the opportunity of having an adventure travel to Bhutan to experience the ultimate taste of outdoor activities in Bhutan.

Rock climbing is a fun way to experience one’s physical and mental limits. Climbing also gives you a chance to explore the beautiful hills and exotic places along the paths of Bhutan.

What is rock climbing?

Rock climbing is completely different from mountaineering as climbers climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. Rock climbing is a physical and very demanding sport where a person’s endurance, physical strength, agility and mental balance are tested during the climb. As there are various rock formations, rock climbing is divided into different types of styles and climbing techniques.

Basics of rock climbing-

There are different types of rock climbing but among them, there are two main basics of climbing along with other climbing techniques.

Here is the list of rock climbing to be known by the climbers:

1- Aid Climbing-

This is a climbing where equipment such as pitons, cams, nuts are placed which allows the climber to pull on them and haul upward.

2- Free Climbing-

This is a style where the climber is taught to move forward and upward by gripping, squeezing, smearing or pinching with whatever natural strength you can get hold of while climbing. Ropes are used for protection.

3- Traditional Climbing-

It is a style of rock climbing where the climber place all the gears needed to protect oneself from falls and remove it when your climb or the path gets completed.

4- Sport Climbing-

This style often includes the pre-protection of bolts drilled into the rock. These protections are permanent as the climber throws his rope from one end to the other end and ties it to the bolt so that it can be opened as you move step by step.

5- Top Roping-

This style involves climbing where a rope is already tied at the top of the route for protection. This requires fewer equipments but it must have a required access to move forward so that you can move forward easily. This is the easiest and the safest method for beginners.

6- Free Soloing-

It is the act of climbing where you can climb without any rope, harness or climbing equipment. It depends completely upon your own ability and strength to perform free soloing.

7- Bouldering-

This type of climbing is done on short but tricky routes without any ropes or protective equipments. You only have to use climbing shoes and a bag of chalks, strength, ability and balance technique will help you complete your route.

Rock climbing courses:

The availability of rock climbing depends on your location. If you have indoor climbing gyms then you can definitely join to experience rock climbing to get further opportunities in the future.

Gears for rock climbing:

There are various gears needed for rock climbing to be safe and complete the climbing with balance and technique.

  • Rock climbing shoes- They are made to fit tightly. They have rubber soles and are curved to get a tight hold of the edges of rock.
  • Harness- It is wrapped tightly around the waist so that you do not fall while climbing.
  • Helmet- It is common to swing or flip during a climb. Helmet keeps you safe from hurting your head.
  • Ropes- Ropes vary in thickness, length or weight. It is used depending on the type of climb, things to carry and the space of the height of the rocks.
  • Webbing and Cords- They are used in slings, runners, harnesses, anchor extensions and quickdraws.
  • Slings- It is used as anchors, to extend an anchor to equalize the rope or to climb a rope.
  • Carabiners- They are metal loops used for protection while climbing.
  • Quickdraws- They are used to attach ropes to bolted anchors for protection.
  • Cams- It is used as the protection while climbing through cracks. It acts similar as bolts and quickdraws in cracks.

What makes rock climbing in Bhutan different?

Bhutan has many outdoor activities but among them, rock climbing is the most amazing adventure sports in Bhutan. It gives you an experience of climbing the hilly rocks and show your strength. Hence, visit Bhutan trip and indulge yourself in the mind-boggling adventure activities to outright your trip.

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