Reasons for traveling with kids to the miraculous country of Bhutan!

“Family travel is often about just doing ordinary things in extraordinary places and Bhutan is one such place.”

There is a famous saying- don’t listen to what they say…go and see! That is definitely what goes for Bhutan. This popular destination is one of the most influential countries concerning environment and happiness.

If you plan on vacationing with family or kids, then there are plenty of reasons to choose Bhutan.

There is not just one or two but a basket full of wonders which you can see or explore.

You can even expect to be welcomed by the famous and peaceful Buddhist architecture, Dzongs, monasteries, quiet streets, humble people and delicious foods that will make you go crazy with its aroma.

It will indeed be a blissful experience!

Hold on! But how is it safe!

Is it safe to travel with kids?

Even though Bhutan is safe for tourists to travel but when it comes to taking kids then you might be a bit concerned.

But being a peaceful and happy country with less traffic, it is one of the safest countries in the world.

But still, there are few safety tips you need to keep in mind before booking a car rental service from Siliguri for an unforgettable Bhutan journey.

  • Planning ahead
  • Proper hiking shoes must be worn before hiking
  • Follow the instructions before river rafting or indulging into any adventure activity
  • First aid kit must be packed in case of any mishaps
  • Kids must be kept away from animals when visiting the park

Following these safety tips will surely make Bhutan heaven for kids!

Activities in Bhutan with kids!

A holiday that will take kids into an entirely new culture can be one of the most enriching travel experiences for them.

So, if you are prepared for heat, hiking, and odd foods then Bhutan has numerous activities for kids to have an endless adventure here.

  • Kids will like the phenomenal depictions of ancient and cultural Bhutan in the museums and engage their imaginations here.
  • The tiny minds will be blown with the amount of creativity going on at the National Institute for Zorig Chusum. They can also get some of the best pictures of the trip.
  • The Bhutanese can encourage the little ones by visiting their numerous National Parks. One such park is Jigme Dorji National Park where they can even search for a snow leopard!

Reasons to travel with kids!

Is Bhutan an excellent place for a family vacation? Yes! You will find Bhutan to be one of the beautiful places for a family vacation and it will also be one of the most favorite destinations for your kids.

  • Trekking up 9000 feet to the fantastic Tiger’s Nest Monastery will be a highlight
  • The extraordinarily kind and generous people will surely attract your kid a lot
  • The culture, nature, and Buddhist religion will be an excellent place for learning
  • The traditional but straightforward lifestyle of the monks will be enlightening
  • Witnessing the massive statue of Buddha will be fun
  • Dressing up in traditional clothes will be exciting
  • The traditional cuisines will be relishing trying
  • Also, learning some Buddhist or Tibetan languages will be a whole new experience for them

Even though traveling to Bhutan with kids is entirely stress-free but the above safety tips will surely help you plan your Bhutan trip with kids in a proper way!

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