Party New Year Night At The Illuminating Nightclubs Of Gangtok

2018 is almost here, so my dear folks, what have you planned for this New Year? Well, it must be something really invigorating, right? If not, then whip off the worries from your mind, and make it happen before the spirit slips off. Think about something that you can cherish all your life and also will satiate your inner freaky mind, something really extraordinary & exaggerating. Actually, why don’t you stick with traveling? This is, in fact, the best way to enjoy freely without any hindrance? And don’t worry; we have an awesome place too where you can make the frame your best New Year. So, the place full of surprises and with a flamboyant environment is the coolest place of the Sikkim state, Gangtok.

Gangtok- The Party Hub

Gangtok is a town famous for hosting nostalgic live events and parties with extreme buzz & excitement. When it comes to partying, especially the New Year parties, this sprawling town of Gangtok is one important unconventional and an equally interesting place which offers a stunning ambiance at every corner and street. Well, talking about streets, there is one very much famous and fascinating street of MG Marg which dwells in the mesmerising beauty of the vibrant decorations, lighted shops, glittering pubs, colorful people and the illuminated throughways. Besides these, there is an easy access to several nightclubs and fun-filled activities for people who fancy colorful, musical and heart-throbbing vicinity.

Popular nightclubs of Gangtok

When you are planning an enjoyable getaway at Gangtok, make sure you visit the pubs, restaurants, lounges, and nightclubs which indeed are the best places for party freaks and fun lovers. To help you unwind and relax we have listed down the names of five popular nightclubs in Gangtok.

1. Cafe Live Loud

Cafe Live Loud

Seriously, you can`t resist yourself from stepping into the Cafe Live Loud which is the most happening and acoustically designed live music club of Gangtok. Remember you are in the coolest place in the town so this New Year Eve, get ready to flow in the mystical waves of the music hit by DJ.

2. Pub 25

Pub 25

Of all the top restaurants and pubs in Gangtok, Pub 25 is a place which gives you the essence of the typical British style pub through its elegant velvet seats in contrast with the outstanding trompe l`oeil walls and ceilings. Spend the New Year night at this drinking hole enjoying the delicious eateries and enticing cocktails. Believe us; it will haunt you for the rest of your lives.

3. X`cape


Here is the most popular nightclub of Gangtok titled “X’cape” which experiences huge crowd of youngsters. Other than the lip-smacking food stuff and wide options for wine and cocktails, the place offers a great musical ambiance which hypnotizes the crowd to match footsteps with the DJ’s rocking tune.

4. Lounge 31a

Lounge 31a

Amongst most happening nightclubs of Gangtok, Lounge 31a is one which is well-known to make cherish the stupendous nights spent here in the energetic environment. Music, dance, refreshing drinks, hookahs, delicious food, the nightclub offers everything which makes the visitors necessary to join a party night at Lounge 31a.

5. After Dark

After Dark

Just as the name signifies, the place comes to its original mood only After Dark. This is actually the best place we suggest you spend your New Year night in the enthralling musical backdrop slightly tapping your feet on the dance floor.

So, if you are convinced with the idea of traveling to Gangtok for the New Year bash then make sure you visit maybe not all but surely one of the enthusiastic nightclubs listed above.

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