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Tourist’s Attraction – Sikkim

tourists attraction of sikkim

Sikkim is a beautiful state situated in the eastern Himalayas of north-east India surrounded by border of Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal comprises of area about 7,096 km2. Sikkim is blessed with glaciers, alpine meadows and too many varieties of wild flowers. People from around the world prefer to visit Sikkim as a center of attraction for it’s natural sightseeing, adventure and thrilling experiences.

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Proper Modes of Communication for Gangtok, Sikkim

There are various mode of communication to reach Sikkim out of which road way is the only efficient mode due to it’s geographical location.


It becomes difficult to reach through flight to Sikkim as there is no airport available at Sikkim. Therefore, if we intend to travel from long distance we have to leave our flight in Bagdogra breaking our journey and start again from there on.


Even we won’t find any Railway route directly to Sikkim as it is located geographically in wrong track not favorable for train service. So, if we come from distance places, we have to break our journey to certain railway stations like -New Alipurduar Junction, Alipurduar Junction Station, Jalpaiguri Station, New Jalpaiguri, etc. from where we can get various means of communication.

Communication for Sikkim


We can find bus route from Siliguri Junction Road at Siliguri bus terminus where private buses along with Sikkim state transport corp./Sikkim state transport buses are also available for the journey to Gangtok, Sikkim. The average fare for SNT bus available is Rs. 200/- approximately and private bus fare may cost Rs. 250/- approx from Siliguri to Sikkim.

We also can also hire private reserved Jeeps or other four wheeler taxi services from Junction Road of Siliguri as well from Matigara. Reserved Vehicles available for the route with average fare costs are mentioned below

  1. From Bagdogra/NJP to Gangtok through 4 passenger car fare = Rs. 2,800/- approx.

         8 pax Sumo fare          = Rs. 3,200/- approx.

         7 pax Innova /Tavera   = Rs. 4,200/- approx.

         24 pax Coach              = Rs. 7,900/- approx.

How We to Reach Gangtok, Sikkim from 7 Different Destinations?

To reach Gangtok, Sikkim we have to follow some certain road maps from 7 different destinations or places which are explained below:

1. Travel from Malbazar to Gangtok

Malbazar to Gangtok

From Malbazar in Dooars we can also directly go to Gangtok, Sikkim taking the route of NH31, NH10 and Gangtok-Ranpoo road. It takes a distance of 122km within 3hr 41min in driving way. We can hire Private Jeeps/taxi booked for Sikkim tour package or hire other government/pvt. shared four wheeler unreserved vehicles which will reach us to the destination of Gangtok, Sikkim.

 2. Route of Alipurduar to Gangtok

Alipurduar to Gangtok

For reaching Gangtok from Alipuduar, we can find 3 routes i.e., Via NH31 covering the shortest route of 241km or 6hr 11min to reach, viaNH27 covering 238km in 6hr 39min, and via NH27 & NH10 covering 247km in 7hr, respectively where one route meet in the junction way of Oodlabari and another at Sevoke travelling towards Kalimpong line ending at Gangtok, Sikkim. We have two way of travelling that will be best suited for the tour. One is through reserving private taxi or cabs from car rental service in Gangtok which will guide us to the route way for safe journey. Or Either we can hire trains from Alipurduar Junction Station to NJP where there is already 64trains are available which will allow us to reach Gangtok breaking the journey at NJP and hire some personal or govt. four wheeler vehicles from car rentals of Gangtok or take Sikkim state transport bus services from Siliguri Junction.

 3. Way to Gangtok from Jalpaiguri

Gangtok from Jalpaiguri

Arriving from Jalpaiguri for Gangtok, Sikkim we can find route via NH31 to NH10 passing by kalimpong covering a area of 172km in 5hr 34min at a driving distance to reach the destination. We can book or hire direct taxis or other four wheeler reserved and personal vehicles from car rentals available nearby.

 4. Arrival from Siliguri to Gangtok

Siliguri to Gangtok

There are two way routes for Sikkim journey from Siliguri via NH10 and Gangtok-Rangpo Rd. covering distance of 116km, driving 3hr 48min to reach. Where there is also another way via Kurseong through Pankhabari, Sonada that takes 5hr 5min covering a distance of 148km to reach the targeted destination. Every tourist prefers to go from via Siliguri to Gangtok, Sikkim as it provides the tourists many means of travelling option towards Sikkim. If we come from long distance through flight in Bagdogra Airport, we can get many private four wheeler vehicles for travelling from Matigara to Gangtok, Sikkim. Also, we will find the reserved Jeep or other unreserved cabs and Bus services available from Siliguri Junction which can be booked while applying for Sikkim tour packages from various tour operators.

5. Travel from Kathmandu, Nepal to Gangtok, Sikkim

kathmandu to sikkim

To reach from Kathmandu, Nepal to Gangtok, Sikkim there are almost 5 route although 2 routes are been preferred for safe journey. If we wish to reach quickly from Kathmandu to Gangtok we can take the route via E-W highway/ Araniko Highway2 and National Highway10 which is the shortest distance covering 598km taking just 14hr 39min. We can hire a flight from Kathmandu, Nepal to Bagdogra, near Siliguri or can hire buses available for the journey from Kathmandu breaking in Siliguri. Thereafter, we can hire bus or car rental in Gangtok from Siliguri Junction or Matigara that will directly take us to Sikkim.

 6. Travelling Route of Gangtok, Sikkim from Bhutan

Gangtok Sikkimfrom Bhutan

From Bhutan to reach Gangtok, Sikkim the fastest driving distance is 16 hour through the shortest route of Phuntsholing –  Thimphu Highway and there is also another route via Wangdue – Tsirang Highway that takes 16hr 55min to reach Gangtok, Sikkim where both the route meet at Hasimara and then through Malbazar, Sevoke stops at Gangtok. For the trip to Sikkim, if we can book private reserved taxi or other four wheeler vehicles for the tour from the Gangtok tour package advised by local travel agent for convenience of the long trip. Otherwise we can hire other four wheeler vehicles say Bus which might reach Gangtok by breaking its journey from Hasimara or some other places changing the mode of vehicles as required.

Cost estimation of Bus service as per Gangtok car rental is Rs.2, 442/- (Approx.)

 7. Trip to Sikkim from Tibet

Tibet to Sikkim

There is also way to travel from Tibet to Sikkim at this point of time which was not previously there. The only route is the international Indo-china border in Nathula Pass for which permit visa is required for entering via Manasarovar. From Nathula, Gangtok is 56.4km away covering 1hr 50mins to reach though any Jeep or other reserved four wheeler vehicles via Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

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