How to Arrange A Satisfying Dooars Tour Plan for 2-3 Days



Dooars is a lovely place which is connected with mainly the Jalpaiguri, plains of Darjeeling, Cooch Behar of west Bengal, other districts of Dhubri, Barpeta, Goalpara, Kokrajhar and Bongaigaon of Assam and Kishengunj of Bihar. Dooars is attached with many towns and cities but the largest city in the region is Siliguri. Dooars region is nearer to International border of Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is a very nice place to visit. The main attractions of this place is tea gardens, dense forests, many wildlife sanctuaries like Manas national park, Jaldapara national park, Buxa, Gorumara, Chapramari wildlife and Mahananda wildlife sanctuaries. The region is divided by the Sankosh River into Eastern and the Western Dooars, consisting of an area of 8,800 sq km (3,400 sq mi). The Western Dooars is also known as the Bengal Dooars, and the Eastern Dooars also as the Assam Dooars.

How to Reach Dooars:

How to reach Dooars

The main mode of transport in the Dooars area is by roadways. By air you may reach to Bagdogra airport near Siliguri and Guwahati Airport. Cooch Behar is also newly proposed to start shortly. Regular bus services are provided by North Bengal State Transport Corporation and Assam State Transport Corporation. Other private parties also runs between the important places of the area by shared jeeps, maxi-taxies or private cars which runs regularly. If you are coming by train then you may come to the Siliguri railway station, NJP railway station or Alipurduar junction and from here you may reach to your destination by hiring private cars. If you are coming from nearby places of Dooars then you may just hire private cars or go by your own four wheelers. There are many Volvo AC buses are available from different cities. NH-31 is the main highway to reach.

Now, once you reach Dooars there are so many hotels and resorts are available for your comfort. If you choose to go for travel agency services you may get discounts or offer related in various seasons as they can guide you as well as a bond of trust. Hotels booking at online now a days is a booklet of map or today if you are using technology then no other travel guide would be better than Google map. It will help you as your travel guide, for booking your hotels as wee as your travel agents booking by online support. Dooars as a place of interests for visitors with the help from your travel guide and choose the best places as your top trips list within your budget accommodations.

Here are Some Best Places of Interest to Visit in Dooars:



Alipurduar is the nearest railway station of this forest village, also known as queen of Dooars. About 30 km from Alipurduar it is located along the Jayanti River. The beauty of this place offers all the peace and pleasure that we want in our hectic life. It is an ideal holiday destination. The beauty of nature you will find here is like birds are chirping, flowing river like music around you. Sweet fragrance of nature will completely mesmerized you. Way to Jayanti is through Buxa tiger reserve.

Buxa fort:

Buxa fort

One of the major attraction point of Buxa tiger reverse. It is located 30 km from Alipurduar town above the top of the hill. Earlier the fort is used by the British Government for detaining our freedom fighters, now it is a tourist place and a popular hiking destination. from Rajbhatkhawa which is 18 kms from Buxa fort you have to enter the forest and drive for approx 14 kms to reach Suntalbari and from Suntalbari you have to trek about 4 kms to reach the fort. The nature lovers follow the different treks from Buxa fort. They trek Buxa fort to rovers point. Santalbari to Roopang Valley, Buxa fort to Lepchakha and Buxa fort to Chunabhati.



It is the most important town in Dooars, in the eastern part of the Dooars region. The town is located on the NH so that tourists can take a stay here and visit the nearby important places like Gorumara national highway, Chapramari wildlife reserve, Jhalog, Bindu, Samsing and Suntalekhola. This place is mainly famous for Mal Park. Every year an annual flower show is performed here which is the main attraction among tourists.

Teesta River:

Teesta River

Teesta River originates from Tso Lhamo Lake of north Sikkim Himalayas. Teesta then runs down hill through Sikkim and Darjeeling hills for 172 km and enters Bangladesh where it flows with Brahmaputra and Fulchori. The river leaves Darjeeling at Sevoke. Ranjit is a tributary of Teesta River and meets it before the Teesta Bridge. Its looks awesome when muddy green water of Teesta and the crystal clear deep water Ranjit meet, the point they meet is known as Triveni.



This small town in Alipurduar district is known for its natural beauty, it is all surrounded by forest, and this is the way for Buxa tiger reserve. Earlier the king of Cooch Behar used to go there for picnics in forest as the name of the place describes it.



This place is situated 218 kms from Siliguri and about 45 kms from Alipurduar. It is reachable from Siliguri Alipurduar and CoochBehar by rail network as well as roadways. Commonly this place is known for its scenic beauty and river Raidak. There are beautiful forest bungalows and Government resorts where you can stay. This place is actually for nature lovers. The sight of mountains and the hills covered by lavish green forests makes it amazingly beautiful.

Dooars Tour Package and Its Sightseeing Areas for 2-3 days, Around the National Parks

Dooars as its Majestic Beauty at National Park

Dooars as its Majestic Beauty at National Park

As tourists has arrived at Bagdogra airport or NJP railway station, you can hire a car to reach the destinations by roadways at Gorumara National Park 80 kms, 2.5 hrs in the Dooars region of the sub Himalayan part of West Bengal. It is one of the magnificent forests of the Himalayan trees, mammals, birds, and so on and so for jungles all around.It receives the maximum number of tourist’s visitors from all around the world which is located on the flood plains of Murti river and Raidak river. Gorumara National park has a riverine grassland with its natural rolling forests. It was declared as one of the National Park in 1994. Visitors can be offered number of beautiful destinations like Jhalung, Bindu, Chalsa, Samsing, Suntalekhola which can be visited from Gorumara National park in an accommodation of 2-3 days. However these forests are enriched with one horned Rhino, Gaur, Elephants, Samber deer etc with its forests jeep safari activies ending with the afternoon visits of the local villages and Tea gardens.

Dooars Famous for Its Tiger Reserve

Dooars famous for its Tiger Reserve

Popualr tourists destination in Eastern Dooars is the Buxa Tiger Reserve which is also famous for its numerous species, birds, mammals, snakes and ambhibians. Buxa was declared as the famous for dolomite mining Tiger Reserve in the year 1983 and became the national park in 1992. One of the largest forest in North Bengal India and the second highest tiger population in West Bengal after Sundarban is marked by Buxa forests. Based on the Buxa Tiger Reserve Tourists can visit in an around the place with just in a 2-3 days visit. Tourists can visit Buxa Fort, Santatabari, Jayanti, Rajabhatkhawa, Raimatang, Lepchakha, Rovers Point, Rupam Valley, Narathali Late etc. The Kingdom Coach, capital of the former Coochbehar is also a majot tourist’s destination one can visit from Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Major Attractions of the Elephant Safari, with that Facing One Horned Rhino

Major attractions of the Elephant Safari, with that facing One Horned Rhinob

Dooars and its central part is also famous for Jaldapara National Park. One horned Rhino and Elephant riding is the major attraction in this forests. Early morning Elephant Safari at the deep inside the Jaldapara National Park, apart from elephant and Rhino there are varieties of animals like Bison, Leopard, and the rarest variety of animals and birds which includes Peacocks. One the way from Jaldapara visit some of the famous places which are around the Jaldapara forests trip. Jayanti, Rajabhatkhawa Nature, Chilapata forest and Khoerbari Leopard Rescue centre, with Phuentsholling the main entrance to Bhutan from India as very near from Jaldapara National Park in only 2-3 days holiday package. Evening activities of the “adivasi” local Tribal dance with that free for own activities, night stay at Jaldapara.

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