Top 5 extraordinary places in Wangdue – A must visit place in Bhutan

‘Bhutan’ is a small and beautiful nation of Buddhist, which is also known as “land of thunder dragon”. It is hooked Between China on one side and India on another side. Bhutan is also screened by two more countries, i.e., Nepal and Bangladesh. The country controls several key Himalayan mountain passes. It covers 38,394km2 which is about half of India. The best places in Bhutan to visit are Punakha, Thimphu, Trongsa and Wangdue Phodrang.

The specialty about Wangdue Phodrang: Rich pasture land with cattle and amazing bamboo carfts makes this place unique.

It is commonly known as Wangdue. It is the second largest district in Bhutan and situated almost an altitude of 4,300ft. Black-necked cranes are the main attraction of this place.


Location: Central Bhutan

Activities: Biking and Motorcycle tours

Festivals: Black Necked Crane Festival (Start date- 11.11.2018)

Best time to visit this place- March to May and September to October

How to Reach Wangdue- By flight from your town to Paro, and then taking a drive to Thimphu. Then From Thimphu to Wangdue (cab fare is 1190 NU) and the distance is 106 km.

Nearby Best Bhutan Sightseeing Places along with Bhutan sightseeing photos of Wangdue:

1. Wangdue Town/ Bajo: It is the main and very interesting place for sightseeing:


The place is still undeveloped. There are very few shops in this town. People here earn their living through agriculture and rearing animals.


Location: Central Part of Wangdue

Best time to Visit: Saturday and Sunday

Main attraction: bamboo weaving and slate carving culture.

Specialty:  Home Decorating items are available.

Nearby hotel: Dekeling Hotel and Phunsum Hotel

Contact number: 0354 225 4159 (Dekeling Hotel), +975 17 62 69 88 (Phunsum Hotel)

Best food: Local Food

Entry fee- Not applicable

Tips: Visitors can get any decorating things at a reasonable price on Sunday.\

2. Rinchegang Village: It’s fascinating beauty; local people with traditional culture are the major attraction:


This small village is the home of finest stone carvers, which is best in Bhutan and visitors also can witness the traditional Bhutanese method of Stone Masonry. This is a perfect spot for the professional photographers who capture the beauty of tradition of any places.


Location: A few km away from Wangdue Dzong

Best time to Visit: Any time (daytime preferable)

Main attraction: overflows architecture and history

Specialty: Finest Stone Carvers

Nearby hotel: Village Lodge and Village hotel

Contact number: +975 8 272 340(Village Lodge), +975 17 60 59 33(Village hotel)

Best food: Villagers homemade food

Entry fee: Not Applicable

Tips: It is recommended visitors should wear decent dress during village tour.

3. Wangdue Phodrang Dzong: It is oldest and famous Dzong in Wangdue:


This Dzong was built in 1639. Unfortunately, it caught fire in 2012 and the rebuilding work still is not completed and it is known that the work will complete in 2021. Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal constructed the Dzong.


Location: Junction between Dangchhu and Punatsangchuu

Best time to Visit: Not recommended

Main attraction: two rivers, i.e.   Pho Chu (male) and Mo Chu (female).

Specialty:  Centre of Monk body

Nearby hotel: Hotel Drukchen and Hotel Galingkha

Contact number:  084477 47674(Hotel Drukchen), 084477 47674(Hotel Galingkha)

Best food: Not recommended

Entry fee: Not Applicable

Tips: It is better to go this place after reconstruction is done

4. Sha Radap Temple: This is popular place for worship


It is also known as Rada Lhakhang, based at a few distances to Wangdue Phodrang Dzong.  The name’ Sha Radap’ came from a female name, who was an enchantress of Wangdue region and the temple was named after her.


Location: East to Wangdue Phodrang Dzong

Best time to Visit: Any time (Morning time preferable)

Main attraction: crowded by a cult of rituals by Buddhists.

Specialty:  Naming and blessing of newborn children

Nearby hotel: Hotel Tashi Phuntshok and Tashiling Hotel

Contact number:  +975 8 272 216(Hotel Tashi Phuntshok), +975 77 23 10 31(Tashiling Hotel)

Best food: Temple Food

Entry fee: Not applicable

Note:  Visitors should follow the customs, i.e. roll the dice kept in the Temple compound and say your wishes silently.

5. Adha and Rukha Villages: Black Mountain National Park trek is the special part of it

Those villages are located in low altitude. The villages are actually gems of Wangdue. Villagers are so caring and helpful to visitors and help to make any special food on there.  This is the perfect location to indulge in adventure.


Location: South of Wangdue town

Best time to Visit: Winter and autumn seasons

Main attraction: tenting and spent an Adventurous night

Specialty:  Black Mountain National Park trek

Nearby farmhouses: Bara Mangwa Farmhouse and Bon Farmhouse

Contact number:  094348 72520(Bara Mangwa Farmhouse), 095476 67788(Bon Farmhouse)

Best food: Fish Roast with the help of Bhutanese recipe

Entry fee: Not applicable

Tips: It a traveler wants to travel in the summer season, beware of sand flies, buzzing mosquitoes and leeches.

Besides these above mentioned Bhutan attractions and sightseeing there is more place which travelers should visits:

  1. Gangetey Gombay: It features the fascinating beauty of Phobjika Valley.
  2. Archery Ground: The ground beside the Dzong known as Archery Ground.
  3. White Chorten: It is the landmark of Gangtey trail mark
  4. Khewang Lhakhang: It represents three two- storey of past, present, and future Buddha.


Wangdue is one of the Best districts of Bhutan. It is alluring with numerous old architectural structures and old temple. The local people are so friendly that when a traveler goes there, will assist them and help them in any manner.  So it is admired by all the travelers.  So, don’t miss the beauty of Wangdue and experience its amazing charm by planning a tour as soon as possible.


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