Experience A Blissful Himalayan Getaway With Trekking in Bhutan

The tiny kingdom of Bhutan in South Asia features rich heritage of Buddhist culture and some of the world`s highest and illustrious mountain ranges. Bhutan is a treasure trove of Asia assimilating magnificent monasteries, massive dzongs or fortress, wondrous landscapes, soaring mountains and floral beauty. To adventure in Bhutan is probably the best perception on can undertake amidst the captivating Himalayan scenery, rocky mountain trails, aggressive rivers, snow-capped terrains and so on.

Bhutan is a dream destination for adventure lovers as it offers some fantastic and challenging trekking trails across high valleys, rugged passes, winding mountain passes and glacial lakes.

Popular Trekking Activities in Bhutan:

Bhutan trekking packages offer you a wide arrangement trekking programmes ranging from easy to moderate and up to more challenging expeditions. Some fine examples of Bhutan adventure tours are:

1. Trekking and Hiking:

Trekking and Hiking

Trekking in Bhutan will provide you the best opportunities where you can discover yourself as a true adventurer. Within a specific trekking period, you will come across through high and complicated mountain trails, sparkling lakes and exotic wildlife etc. While in Bhutan, you can check out the world`s unclimbed mountain routes in trek such as Druk Path Trek, the Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek, the Jomolhari Loop, the Snowman Trek I & II, the Nabji Korphu Trek, the Dagala Thousand lakes Trek and the Punakha Winter Trek.

Safety Tips:

a. Get updated about the weather forecast of the particular trek area.

b. Always follow a designated trail so that you so not get lost.

2. Rafting & Kayaking:

Rafting & Kayaking

The gently flowing crystal clear rivers of Bhutan provide a fascinating opportunity to the adventurous travelers to explore the exquisite outback of this tiny kingdom. The Bhutanese adventure agents organize under control rafting and kayaking programs to ensure vacationer`s safety and indulgence. Bhutan`s major rivers namely, Wang Chhu, Sunkosh, Puna Tsang Chhu, Dangme Chhu, Mangde and their tributaries have been escorted for rafting and kayaking sports.

Safety Tips:

a. Always raft upon experienced guidance.

b. Wear a life-jacket.

c. Do not panic & hold the paddle properly.

3. Rock Climbing:

Rock Climbing

The Dragon Kingdom Bhutan features the world`s most decrepit and highest unclimbed mountains best suited for experiencing some hair-raising and challenging expeditions. Climbing rocky edges in Bhutan is a breathtaking adventure sport which will add thrill and excitement into your life. All this is possible if you avail the best trekking tour packages to Bhutan.

Safety Tips: 

a. Adjust your harness properly so that you do not fall while climbing.

b. Watch others climb and observe the correct technique of climbing.

4. Mountain Biking:

Mountain Biking

Riding bikes on aggressive downhill and rugged mountain trails will surely give you the adrenaline rush into your body. This naturally rich land of Bhutan offers unique opportunities to the travelers to experience Bhutan`s natural outback and thrilling off-road reality at your own pace. Places ideal for mountain biking is Paro Valley, Punakha, Phobjikha Valley, Wamrong, Tongsa, and Wangthang La.

Safety Tips:   

a. Before you start your expedition check whether the bike is well-maintained or not.

 b. Always wear a helmet to avoiding hitting your head in case if you fall down.

5. Camping:


Camping is arguably an exciting outdoor adventure that allows you to explore the serenity of surrounding with closeness and passion. Trekking tour packages will provide you with enough amenities and gears to add value to your expedition in the midst of the country`s beautiful wilderness.

Safety Tips:

a. Protect yourself from wild animals.

b. Prepare safe and hygienic food and water during your camping period.

Bhutan Trekking Expenditure

Bhutan adventure packages offer reliable and affordable trekking expeditions followed by organized and well-trained programmes. Although Bhutan government is quite strict regarding tourism and environment of the country, you can still opt for a customized and budget Bhutan package by approaching to a trusted travel agency. Besides providing a custom package they will also cover most of Bhutan sightseeing places and guide you thoroughly through matters such as trekking in Bhutan cost and so on.

So plan a trip to the kingdom in the Eastern Himalayas and Bhutan adventure travel will assist you in the best possible way to experience the mesmerizing wilderness in form of rugged mountain trails and aggressive flows of streams.

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