Bhutan Trekking Suggestion by Expert bloggers

How bloggers and regular travelers are guiding on Bhutan trekking. Great tips and suggestions by experienced Bhutan trekkers. See below what they have experience and their suggestions.

Nellie Huang

Nellie Huang

Since I last wrote about of the Best Trekking Destinations in the world, I’ve had many more trekking suggestions from readers and expert trekkers/climbers. Several of these treks are extremely challenging and clearly off the beaten path. Since part of the thrills of adventure travel comes from seeking unexplored corners of the earth, these treks definitely fulfill what many adventure-seekers crave for. Here are some of the best, as suggested by readers and friends.

Jhomolhari Trek, Bhutan

What sets Bhutan apart from the others is that you’re literally trekking in wilderness. Trekking trails in Bhutan lead through few human settlements in remote and tiny villages, pristine old growth forests and gleaming unclimbed peaks. This particular trek Crosses Mountain passes, high altitude lakes, and yak herds. As a safe yet largely unexplored country, Bhutan is as destination ideal for solo holidays.

Millis Potter

Millis Potter

To many people, no trip to the Himalayas is really complete without getting into the countryside and walking through the rural villages and farmland that line the foothills. Breathe in the fresh air, and see the traditional way of life that has such a timeless charm and quality. This itinerary features a range of day walks, so that you can have a superb trekking experience, but each night return to the comfort of a lovely hotel and not have to put up with a tented camp. We can of course arrange for adventurous treks, such as the Druk Path Trek of Bumthang Cultural Trek, but we feel doing it this way gives the perfect balance between adventure and comfort.

The itinerary includes day walks in Paro and Thimphu, the Giligang Trail in Punakha, the Longtey Hike in Gangtey and the day treks to the Tang, Ura and Chhume Valleys in Bumthang.

  • A walking holiday with a range of day-hikes to allow you to fully experience the sheer beauty of Bhutan
  • We can tailor each and every day depending on how strenuous you want the day-walks to be
  • Stay each night in lovely boutique hotels

Have your own private trekking guide throughout, and private drivers for travelling between destinations

Steve Berry

Steve Berry

Steve Berry, Mountain Kingdoms MD, describes his experience in Bhutan, trekking the full length of Bhutan’s mountains on the Complete Lunana Snowman trek, something only a handful of westerners have ever achieved.

“It was 1988 and five companions and I had travelled to Bhutan to attempt the 250 mile trek (and second British crossing) through the most remote region in the whole of Bhutan, an area on the far northern border called Lunana.

We felt euphoric at having come so far, yet nervous about the crossing of the Gophu La in two days time. We had heard from our Bhutanese friends that the crossing was extremely arduous, even in good conditions, and it having rained for much of the last three days in the valleys, we were very worried there would be deep snow on top of the pass and that it would be impossible to plough through.

The day of the crossing arrived, and dawned clear, Hoare frost covered the ground and snowy peaks encompassed our camp. Our porters had slept in the open, cuddled together under a pile of blankets. Perfectly still lakes bounced their reflections into our overworked cameras. We walked across a high remote land, breathing crisp clear air. In perfect silence each fresh peak, lake, crag or distant vista marched past us until a peak some four thousand feet higher than those around us dominated the horizon. It seemed to shine a more brilliant white, a piece of land elevated to a higher, purer plane, its complex, awesomely steep defenses safeguarding it from the touch of man. This was Gangkar Punsum, highest mountain in Bhutan. As the day passes she shyly drew clouds around her flanks and was lost to our bedazzled gaze.”


Cheers to travel enthusiasts out there! If traveling fascinates you, and the adventure lures you, then traverse the geographical limits to rediscover yourself. We believe that these top 3 trekkers and travel bloggers might certainly have invoked the wanderlust soul in you to embark on a journey that you’ve always yearned for. So, have a happy traveling.

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