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Most Popular 7 Roadmaps to Reach Sikkim

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Tourist’s Attraction – Sikkim Sikkim is a beautiful state situated in the eastern Himalayas of north-east India surrounded by border of Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal comprises of area about 7,096 km2. Sikkim is blessed with glaciers, alpine meadows and too…

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Thirteen Types of Bhutanese Arts & Crafts

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The cultural tradition of Bhutan is deeply rooted in Buddhism, which is not only a religion in the Dragon Kingdom; it is rather a lifestyle they follow. The inspiration of this religion also reflects from their arts and crafts, which…

10 Attractions in Arunachal Pradesh

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image credit: The land of the dawn-lit mountains’, or ‘the eastern end of India’ –whatever describes the state of Arunachal Pradesh to the tourists and travelers, those who have visited this land is totally taken by its tranquil beauty. Located…