9 Surprising Facts You Should Know about Sikkim’s Beauty

According to Helen Keller- The most fascinating things in the world still cannot be seen or even touched!

The statement is absolutely correct about Sikkim as it doesn’t lie in the hills rather in everyone’s feelings. When in Sikkim, you would feel a unique essence of natural beauty.

The chants from the monasteries, the roars of Teesta River, and the magnetic attractions of the Himalaya will absorb you in the mystic charm of Sikkim.

You may well know about how to reach to Sikkim.

Besides being a window to the picturesque Himalaya, Sikkim has many other things worth knowing!

Let’s Explore Some Interesting Facts!!

Before planning a holiday tour in Sikkim, you must be acquainted with unique features of this state-

1. India’s first Organic State


Organic state? How? Calm down! As Sikkim is the first Indian state that implements organic farming, hence it is called India’s first Organic State. So come here to explore the greenery all around.

2. Want to see Red Pandas? Come to Sikkim!

You need not to travel to China to spot a cute red panda as Sikkim is the State Animal of Sikkim. It is one of the most endangered species that has been kept well preserved. Wow!

3. Asia’s 2nd highest suspension bridge!

Suspension Bridge

With a length of 198 m and depth of 220 m, The Singshore Bridge in Pelling, a charming town of Sikkim, is the 2nd highest suspension bridge in Asia which offers a magnificent view of the pristine valley and overwhelming waterfalls.

4. Paintings that keep away the evils!

Thangkas are religious scrolls which are hanged in Buddhist monasteries and are believed to drive away evil spirits. So, they are considered to be sacred and auspicious.

5. Enjoy the Natural Spa!


The natural hot springs of Sikkim acts as a natural spa which has several therapeutic benefits. Some of the popular hot springs are-

  • Yumthang Hot Spring
  • Borong hot spring
  • Ralong hot spring

So, make sure to enjoy the natural spa of these hot springs while in Sikkim.

6. Let’s have a local kick!

Chaang is a fermented cereal based mild alcoholic beverage of Sikkim and is consumed during social activities. The interesting part of this drink is it is served in a long cylindrical vessel made of bamboo.

7. A paradise to Bird Lovers!


Sikkim boasts 552 different species of birds and about 690 species of butterflies.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

The unique bearded vulture, the Himalayan Griffon, Impeyan Pheasant etc are some of the delights of Bird lovers.

8. A Nation turned State!

India became independent in 1947, but till 1974, Sikkim was recognized as an independent nation. After the appellation of the Prime Minister, on 16 May 1975, Sikkim officially became the 22nd State of India.

9. World’s third highest peak!

Yes, you read it right. With an elevation of 8,586m, Mt. Kanchenjunga in Sikkim is the third highest snowy-mountains in the world.

Bounty of beauty, right?

Do we need to say more? We bet that’s enough to catch your mind and gives you the ultimate reasons to witness the beauty Sikkim! So Hurry!

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