8 Must Knowing Facts- Complete Idea about Murti Dooars Sightseeing

A small town Murti Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal and it is situated on the banks of river Murti. Away from Chalsa, India, this place is about 8 kilometers away and 60 km away from Jalpaiguri which is also famous for its picturesque scenery. This small place is mainly for tourist attraction for its excellent scenic beauty of this site. Very close to Murti are both the places of Gorumara National Park and the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. To get the entry to the National Park and to the Sanctuary one can get a day visit pass from the Lataguri interpretation Centre. It is to know some of the sightseeing places of, that are nearby Murti.

Murti which falls under Dooars area but still it is the most attractive place for the tourists from decades due to its nature and the scenic beauty. So far tourists would love to stay at Murti as they can come across to some of the other different places for safari during the afternoon, jungle night safari, activities that follow to other nearby Doors area is much more diving staying at Murti and that is why it is the reason being attracted for the tourists.

Finding Out the Knowing Facts of Murti Dooars Sightseeing

Murti, in West Bengal, is a growing tourists destinations and this small village is filled with the best that nature can offer. According to its beauty of the river engrossed the scenic beauty of the tiny place.

1. Relax Your Ideal Time, Get Engrossed With the Beauty:

Relax Your Ideal Time, Get Engrossed With the Beauty

As the place is an ideal place for them who want to relax and to spend a couple of the days in peace, as for which the name of the place is derived from the river Murti. You have many private resorts at Murti but the main attraction is the Bonani Lodge which is belonging to WBFDC. The lodge is located at the breath taking banks of the rivers and that is within its landscapes.

2. When is the Best Time To Visit Murti:

When is the Best Time To Visit Murti

Any time of the year, Murti can be visited. However, if you are planning to explore some of the thrilling experiences of the places as for Jungle safari, Murti river camp then it is advised to avoid the monsoon as because the jungles remain closed during the rainy season.

3. Close to Murti, Panjhora River:

Close to Murti, Panjhora River

One of the attraction places close to Murti River is the Panjhora River. Both the rivers attract many tourists and are a common spot for picnickers. You can find here as there are amphibians like Gharials found in the river. As the tourist’s homes and the resorts are in close vicinity to the forests, elephants, gaur known as (Indian Bison) and deer are frequently seen outside the bungalows.

4. Enjoy the Excursions in Murti:

Enjoy the Excursions in Murti

Places like the Gorumara wildlife sanctuary and the Chilapata are very close by to the Murti River. Tourists can have a memorable jungle safari in either of the places or can enjoy camp near the resort or near by the river that is in the Murti river camp resort. Totopara which is also a small village is the only habitations of the Totos, of the aboriginal tribes.

5. Places of Interest Around Murti:

Places of Interest Around Murti

Around the place Murti, you can visit various interesting sightseeing spot which is really exotic destinations. The places that you can go by are Bindu, Jhalong, Jaldhaka, Samsing, Suntalekhola and in Rocky Island.

6. Activities That Can Be Enjoyed in Murti:

Activities That Can Be Enjoyed in Murti

The most popular activities in Murti that can be enjoyed are Camping, Angling, and Hiking, Bird Watching are to be enjoyed to have a great time. Safaris at nearby forests from Murti are adventurous thrilling activities. Camp fire at night, the slideshow of the wild animals and forests are arranged by the resorts. Traveling through the dense forest with your car at night also makes your trip as marvelous memory.

7. Sightseeing View in the Afternoon Forest Safari:

Sightseeing View in the Afternoon Forest Safari

As Chapramari Forest is also a stone throws distance from the place of Murti. Forest safari in the afternoon guarantees you a sight of the rhinoceros, bison, peacocks, and elephant. Lucky ones can also spot a leopard as well. Aside the wildlife of this forests, the forests itself is beautiful and that seems to be decorated as the Mother Nature by the lush greenery. The forest for the travelers is a feast for the eyes as you will be divine with the scenic beauty nature.

8. Hiring A Car For The Sightseeing at Murti:

Hiring A Car For The Sightseeing at Murti

It is suggested to you to take a car after you reach at New Mal Junction for the whole trip, that means the car takes you to Murti, takes for Murti Dooars sightseeing and to the other spots to visit and stays with you at night. Apart from this if your car stays with you can also experience the thrill of the night life in such a dense forest but for this, you have to manage your resort manager to get the permission as they usually don’t allow guests to step out at the night.

On a full day basis, you can hire car with driver and the car would be with you at night which charge around Rs. 1200 for a dry car and you are supposed to pay the fuel charges assuming that the car runs 10 km on 1 liter of fuel on average. A Night charge for the driver is extra which is between Rs.100-200 per night. With that as long as you go around for the sightseeing depending on the days in approx is Rs.1500-3000 per day.

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