5 Creative Photographic Ideas to try out in your next Bhutan Trip

A Snapshot is said to be the best memento of your travels. If you are interested in learning about how to take better pictures on family vacations or your travels around the world, you have definitely come to the right place as I have covered all the basic skills needed to improve your photography skills. For a photographer who takes pictures day in and day out, because it is your livelihood or you are a keen hobbyist, there are times when you may want to deviate from the day to day and do something new on your day off. You can do this to set yourself some new learning challenges or even just for fun. It will be a good practice for you as because it pushes you to think outside the box, sharpen your skills and test your creativity.

1. Use the Whip Pan Technique

You need a perfect lens with an I.S (image stabilization) which will create a straight line that will go across the image. The technique is a little bit difficult as you have to move the camera quickly and cause the image to blur.


  • slow shutter speed to 0.5-1seconds after that loosen the tripod head
  • Press the shutter button and use curtain sync to freeze.

2. Using Atmospheric fog or Aerosol

A little bit of fog adds depth to the picture that is where Aerosols comes in handy.Fog machines are very costly whereas Atmosphere Aerosols is very cheap and affordable. You can spray on the areas where you want the fog.


  • Spread the desired amount of fog
  • Use a reflector to control the spread of the fog.

3.Using the Spray Bottle technique

It is an unusual but one of the most effective as well as an attractive tool for a beautiful photograph. Spray some water into your lens and you can turn a boring picture into a live wonder.


  • Spray some water on the lens
  • Control the size of the front out of focus area by adjusting the Aperture
  • Always make sure you have no dirt on your lens as you could scratch your lens while wiping the water off.

4.The beauty of the Reflection method

All you need to do is bring a Prism with you. You can add amazing reflections, change your configuration and even add a dazzling effect. Prisms are portable so you can bring them anywhere anytime.


  • Bring you prism near to the lens
  • Twist and turn the prism till you get your desired configuration

5. Using the tilt-shifting method

Most of the professional photographers use this method. What you must first understand is that tilt shit lens means to throw the focus plane off to help you focus on multiple subjects to create a correct aspect. It might be a little bit difficult to control the functionality of the tilt-shift lens but it’s just like a trial and error method.

Creative Photographers and Travel Bloggers

Johnny Ward

Mount Fuji, Japan 🇯🇵🗻🇯🇵🗻 My number 1 tip for things to do in Tokyo is actually 100km from Tokyo! From Tokyo, you can take a 2 hour train journey to Mount Fuji, and it’s easily done on a day trip. I took my mum for the day, left around 9am or so and got back to our hotel around 7pm. A long day sure, but well worth it. When you reach Fuji, I’d say you should do 3 things: 1) Take the cable car up to a nearby mountain for amazing views of both Fuji and the surrounding area 2) Take a 20 min boat trip on the lake so see Fuji from different angles 3) Take the Red Line bus to the bar side of Lake Kawaguchi for amazing views, grab a coffee or a beer and soak up the landscape Bonus Point 4) If it’s the summer, climb the thing! It’s a dream of mine to do that ❤🇯🇵🗻 (my mum is slowly warming to the idea of climbing it for Parkinson’s charity for her 70th birthday in 15 months, what do you guys think?!)

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Janet Newenham

She is a 29-year-old travel blogger and a qualified journalist from Ireland who quit her full-time job in search of adventure and happiness. In her travel blog ‘Journalist on the run’, she writes about her adventures around the world. She is a source of inspiration for millions of adventure seekers and travel bloggers.


If you master the above mentioned creative photography techniques then I am sure that when you visit Bhutan you will be able to capture stunning and memorable pictures. Let us know your thoughts and share your experience if you have used any of the above-mentioned techniques.

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