15 Places Student Must Visit All Over India before Graduating

Learning with Fun for Students:

There are some certain parameters until and unless an individual becomes fully eligible to take his/her own decisions, for which the individual don’t enjoy all kinds of freedoms which a Graduated average adult is allowed to get. Therefore, before becoming an adult, School & College teachers, Guardians/Parents should take initiative to make them enjoy a bit along with studies for their personality development and growth of knowledge and skills about outer world. Individual learners from age group of 16 to 21 years are open to absorb the knowledge and in student life, every individual want to explore with curiosity of learning although we in our current Indian education system don’t get ample opportunity to have enough relaxation other than studies.

Therefore, It is our moral duty to guide them being teachers and parents to make them aware of the cultures and social structures existing to built their knowledge along with academics. So, we can plan excursions, study tour or outings for the young students who are in the conversion stage from Adolescence to Early Adulthood giving them opportunity to enhance their views about environment around.

1places student must visit all over india before graduating

The Study tour/ Excursion/ Family tour can be planned for all over India, that gives scopes to the individuals to get encouraged, learn different cultures that exists outside the School, Colleges & home.

Inspiring Innovative Tour Model:

The Tour can be diversified according to – Academic and Family tour which can be further specified logically.

Academic Tour or Excursion is made for students to learn about subjects like – History, Geography, Botany, Archeology, Environmental studies some other branches of study and also adventurous tours for encouraging sportsmanship and learning to be adopt.

Family Tours organized by Parents or Guardians motivates an individual and give the required time to spend with dear ones/ siblings and parents, those encourages bonding and know each other better which is good for learning to value and encourages to handle responsibility of junior sibling building leadership within.

Requisites before Arriving for the Tour or Excursion from School & College

  1. Written permission from parents/guardians is must for every learner to get selected.
  2. Every student should be performed medical test from recognized medical clinic and must be certified from a recognized Govt. /Pvt. Doctor for future reference.
  3. Casual, warm and formal cloths should be brought by every student along with them for the tour.
  4. A certain amount of fees fixed for the tour will be arranged from the parents of individual students.
  5. Every Student should bring their individual notebook along with them for the tour to note down the important information related to subjects.
  6. Medical Kit containing First Aid box, anti-vomiting, fever, cold & cough, band aid, etc. as a precaution measures must be arranged by the School and College authority for the tour.

Necessity Measures before Arriving for Family Tour 

  1. Must visit Doctor for medical approval of every individual member for the tour.
  2. Prepare luggage for family where little things like – suits/cloths, Shoes (Casual or Sport) required according to the climatic conditions of tour destination should be taken into consideration along with other utilities for the tour.
  3. Documentations are to be taken along on the trip, such as – ID cards, Driving Licenses, Address proof, tickets, etc. of every individual member.
  4. Equipments like Digital Camera/Hand Cam, Binoculars, etc. can be taken for the trip.
  5. Medical Kit containing, First aid box, medicines related to fever, anti-vomiting, Cold and cough, etc. must be taken for safety reasons.

Budget: A Means of Money Control Measure

For School and Colleges, budgeting is to be estimated before finalizing the tour, by the panel of expert of the intuitions. Normally, organizing the event requires lot of responsibility & creativity which is been delegated to some certain pupils representing the group of students to collect the fixed sum of money from every individual along with School/College funds together and this help building the leadership qualities in those individuals who have potentiality enhancing the skills in them. The teachers, lecturers, etc. help and guide those pupils to arrange the certain sum of money required for budget.

Whereas, For the Family, the parents makes the decision regarding the budgeting issue as per their requirement and test of preferences. Children observe their parents to prepare the budget and the process of implementation which helps the pupils to learn and built their own perception about budgeting.

Here are the highlights of 15 most top listed places for excursion or family tour according to us –

1.Old Delhi : The Heritage of Old India 

Old Delhi

We must visit Delhi if we want to rediscover the real old India that will help the students to learn about the cultural heritage.

Targeted Places:

  1. Visit places nearby and back lanes of Chadni chawk to explore the riches of heritages like- Monuments, Old temples, etc.
  2. Red Fort which bears a huge amount of information about medieval history of India along with enjoying the architectural infrastructure mixed with nature’s blessings.
  3. Tuglaqabad Fort which is referred as a cursed city in Delhi and listen about the historical tales about the place for details.
  4. Humayuns Tomb is also a significant historical monument which attracts tourist.

Best Time to Visit: We prefer to visit Delhi during the winters as the climate is pleasant during that period.

Accommodations:  There are many holiday homes such as – Vinayaka Inn, Hotel Good Luck Inn, at Pahar Ganj, Delhi; and also other Inn are available at Vasant Kunj, Kalkaji, Jangpura, etc. rooms ranging from Rs. 290/- to Rs. 2,000/- per 2 nights approximately.


Way In –

After reaching Indira Gandhi International Airport, we can hire a taxi or auto or travel through Metro to New Delhi Railway station from where we can reach Old Delhi. Even we can take Auto Rickshaw/ Taxi that will take us to Old Delhi within 40 mins. Or if we book with some tour packages from travel agencies, they will receive us from Airway or railway for our convenience.

Way Out –

We can get back from Old Delhi with the same vehicles we have previously hired that will help our cause.

2. Jantar Mantar : Pride of New Delhi 

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar which means instrument (‘Yantra’) and formula (‘Mantra’) that was constructed in the year 1724 by Maharaja Jai Singh. It is one of the observatories of five observatories. It is a delightful experience to visit at Jantar mantar and learn more about the place.

Time of Visit: Only on Tuesday from 6 AM to 6 PM, on any week of the year we can visit the place.

Desi Foods of Delhi Belly: Kababs, Panipuri, Samosa, etc. are the most demanded street foods.

Travel Route

Way In –

We can reach Jantar mantar at Sansad Marg, New Delhi by taking any bus or hire any taxi from anywhere in New Delhi.

Way Out –

Same way we can get many transportation vehicle through which we can return.

3. Agra : Wonderful Historical Experience


Agra is always the centre of attraction from the very beginning for its cultural heritage that allows us to know the Indian History. The things we must do once we reach there are –

  1. We should sight the brilliant view of Taj Mahal which is the world’s one of the best wonder and knew the historical tales about the significant place.
  2. We must visit Agra Fort for knowing about it closely about its cultural heritage.
  3. Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah is also a pleasant place to visit which is not much know to visitors.

Best Visiting Hours:  For Taj Mahal – Normally, daily we can visit Sunrise to Sunset from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM but best time to visit is on Full Moon (before and after 2days) from 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM.

Other than this, we can visit the other places at any point of time.

Renowned Foods: Agra is famous for it’s sweets like Bedai, Jalebi and dry food as Dalmoth etc. for street foods.

Accommodations:  Holiday homes for night stay are available for tourists within Agra, where rooms ranging from Rs. 650/- to Rs. 3,000/- per night are charged as per preference which is negotiable.


Way In –

Distance from New Delhi to Agra: 180 km.

Air Way: From Indira Gandhi International Airport flight to Kheria Airport, Agra takes less than an hour to reach. Agra city is 13 km away from Kheria Airport. Flights like – AI 349, 6E 171, 6E 183, AI 657, GC 330 helps us to reach from Delhi to Agra.

Train Way: We can find 17 trains for the route of New Delhi to Agra. Trains like – Gatiman Exp., Bhopal Shtbdi, Taj Express, Bhopal Express, and so on train reach us to Agra within 1hr 25 mins.

Bus Way: We can hire direct buses between New Delhi to Agra, from where the State transport buses help us to reach in Agra within 3hrs 43 mins.

From the airports, stations and bus stops we need hire Taxi or cab which will already booked in the tour package for travel convenience to the tourist spots.

Way Out –

While returning we have to follow the opposite route by means of the Airway, Train way, or bus way to get back from Agra to New Delhi.

4. Mumbai: The Heritage of Old Bombay 


Mumbai is one of the best developed cities of India which has got huge populations which known for its Bollywood film city. But this City has a history over the decades which could be explored in the tour.

  1. We can contrast the old Bombay of fortress with Amchi Mumbai to know the city more.
  2. We must not miss the Historical place- Gate way of India which carries an important landmark.
  3. Other than that there are many other renowned places to visit which won’t let us bore.

Favorable Time of Visit: The best to visit Mumbai is November to February as this particular period is suitable for tourists due to it climatic beauty.

Night Stay Availability: Home stay accommodations are available at Mumbai, which varies from Rs. 800/- to 2,500/- per head night stay approximately. Holiday homes like- Pushp Vatika, Mumbai Oberoi, etc. are there to serve.

Transportation Mode:

Way In-

Reaching the Chatrapati Shivaji Airport by flight, or Mumbai Central Railway Station we can hire pvt. Taxi/ Auto rickshaw to reach any desired place. We can also book any tour rental taxi for our convenience.  And, Bus from Mumbai C.S.T is also available if we intend to reach Gate way of India.

Way Out-

Just like we arrive to our desired places in Mumbai, we can return back by same means of same travel vehicles to back from there.

5. Mysore: Historical Overview of Tipu Sultan Fort 


The majestic Fort stands for the witness of struggles face by the Mysore Emperors against the British East India Company domination. We can get many more information about it’s secret chambers giving us the authentic architectural pleasure to watch and historical tales to be listened about the place.

Best Time for tour: Everyday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at any point of time in a year we can visit the Fort, from – 1 to 2 hrs.

Famous Local Dishes: Rava Idli, Pongal, Puri, Sambar, etc. are some of the famous dishes.

Staying Place:  Tulip Home stay, Gitanjali Home stay, and so on home stays are available for spending nights if we are looking to explore more places in Mysore. The night staying cost per night is not less than Rs. 2,000/- approximately.

Mode of Communication:

Way In-

We can reach Mysore from Bengaluru through two means of communication, i.e., Railway and Road way. It takes 20 mins to reach Mysore from Bengaluru through train. Trains are available from Bengaluru Central railway stations out of which Basava Express will make us reach in the minimum time to Mysore although there are some other trains are also available for Mysore like – Kannur Express, Karwar Express, Hampi Express, etc. which will reach us within 2hrs to 2hrs. 15mins. we can take bus route also from Bangalore for reaching Mysore that will take near about 1hr 45 mins journey. After reaching the bus stop or Mysore station, we can hire local vehicles for reaching our desired destination. Even taxi can be booked as well from tour rental for the journey for guidance.

Way Out-

During getting back from Mysore the same means of vehicles can be hire or use the mode of Railway and Road way to depart for Bengaluru.

6. Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum, A Learning Tour at Bangaluru 


This museum is located in the surrounding of the beautiful Cubbon Park, with area of about 40,000 sq. ft. We can relate this place with science related topics being engineering students, who are interested in exploring knowledge about Rocket science, Missile technology, Aviation, Telecommunication, etc. We can also find the science demonstrated shows, sky observations programme and popular lectures on science performed for the visitors.   

Best Time to Visit: On Tuesday from onwards 10 AM to 6 PM the Museum remains open in every week.

Staying Accommodation in Bangaluru: There are many Home stays available for tourists like – Home stayed Apartment in J.P. nagar, OYO rooms MG road, Manipal Centre, Old Airport Road, etc. and the cost of staying for night starts from Rs. 3,000/- onwards approximately.

Travelling Mode: 

Way In – To reach the Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum, at Kasturba Road, Bengaluru, we can hire private local taxi from Railway station or from hotel/home stay place for convenience.

Way Out – To return from the museum we can take taxi or auto rickshaw from nearby Kasturba Road to back in our residence.

 7. An Integrated Educational Tour : Pondicherry 


Pondicherry has a historical background which was ruled by French till 1954 for which French speaking peoples still exists. Not only this, Pondicherry is supposed to be an informative place from where learners can gather a huge experience that might be helpful in academics too.

Places to be visited in Pondicherry for tourists are 

  1. Sri Aurobindo Ashram – A place to know known & unknown facts about a philosopher, poet, revolutionary, and yogi who explored knowledge about spirituality and supernatural forces.
  2. Auroville – The biggest man-made crystal ball which attracts every tourist.
  3. The Botanical Garden – These Botanical Gardens consist 1500 species approximately, to know more about this place we must visit there.
  4. The Pondicherry Museum – Collections of Artifacts from the excavations at Arikamendu are preserved here.

Other than this we can find old temples, church and Market places for shopping purposes to spend the vacations without getting bored.

Best Time of Visit: The best time to visit in Pondicherry is Monsoon, although one can visit during winters to enjoy the beauty of various well known and unknown places there.

Renowned Dishes: French foods are famous and attraction for food lover. Some of them are –Salad Nicoise, Quiche, Steak-frites (Beef Steak with French fries), Coq Au Vin, etc.

Night Stay Facilities:  Serenity Home stay, at Thandirayankuppam, Kottakuppam, Off ECR Rd., Pondicherry, Villa Olivia at Pondicherry, and many more Night home stay Inn are available ranging from Rs. 400/- approx. per guest each night onwards.

Journey Route:

Way In –

From Chennai all three routes of airway, railway and roadway Trains and Vehicles like Private Taxi or cabs are available to reach Pondicherry that can be booked previously while planning for the tour or either can be hired on the way.

Way out –

While returning from the tour we can take the same vehicles or hire private Taxi or cab from the Pondicherry highways for safe journey to Chennai. 

8. A Significant Historical Place : Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar 

jallianwala bagh

It was significant dark day of Indian history where the British troops brutally killed 1,100 peace protestors by open firing which took place during the British period that took place in Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar. Therefore, more details about the historical place can be gathered. Jallianwala Bagh is situated almost Adjacent to Golden temple that allow the tourist to take a visit of the spiritual riches of the temple.

Favorable time of tour: Anytime we can visit this place in a year. It is opened from 6:30 Am to 7:30 PM everyday.

Famous Pet Puja: Makke di Roti, Sarso di Sagh, and Lassi are the pujabi’s first choice although some others are also competing as per their reputations like – Tadori chicken, Lacha paratha, Palak paneer, etc. has no compare.

Staying Availability at Amritsar: We can find Holiday homes or home stay like – Singh Residence, Silver Leaf Apartments, etc. which cost near about Rs. 1,750/- per 2 guests each night stays.

Communication Mode:

Way In –

From Amritsar Station it takes 2km to reach Jallianwala Bagh which takes just 2mins in car or taxi.

Way Out –

To return we can hire any vehicles like car or taxi which will go as per our desired location.

 9. Bodhgaya, A Place of Buddha’s Enlightenment –


Bodhgaya is located at Gaya district which is a spiritually historic place where Gautama Buddha achieved Enlightenment sitting under the ‘Bodhi’ Tree which is presently situated beside the Maha Bodhi Temple. We can learn the patience from the silence prevailed within environment that attracts the tourist all over the world.  There are also many temples which carries historical significances which can be explored.

Best time to visit: November and February is the best time to travel at Bodhgaya. Avoid the monsoon seasons for trip.

Night Staying Facility: We will find here night home stay or holiday home like – Tourist Complex, Vistara Home Stay, Maharani Road, Sibylle House, Bodhgaya, and many more gives us the holiday experience in a very average cost, say – Rs. 1,000/- per head approximately each nights.

Travelling Process:

Way In –

To reach Bodhgaya we have to follow the train route from Patna station to Gaya Sation through local train and then we have to hire (reserved/unreserved) local Taxi, or other four wheeler vehicles that will take us to Bodhgaya which takes near about 45-50 mins approximately from Gaya Station.

Way Out –

While returning from Bodhgaya we can hire unreserved taxi which would take us to Gaya Station directly and from there we can reach to Patna Railway Station from Gaya Station.

  10. Jaipur: Land of Rajputs 


This city have a cultural heritage for it’s historical background and are considered as the Lands of Rajputs. It is also popularly known as ‘Pink City’ and is capital of Rajasthan. The Royal city has many long standing fortresses which reflect the taste of Rajputs. Jaipur offers us a wide varieties of choices to re-discover its history. Tour attractions are: Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, City Palace, Jai Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Jantar Mantar, Albert Hall Museum, Birla Temple and many more.

Best Season to visit:  It is best to visit the place during the winters, i.e.; October to March as the weather remains favorable to make a tour. Avoid Sumer season at Jaipur, the weather remains smoking hot being in the Desert location in the globe.

Holiday home facility:  There are many Home stay facilities available for the trip. Some of them are – Nohra Home Stay (near City Centre, D-234 Amarpali Marg, Jaipur), Treebo Indiana Classic (New Vidhan Sabha, Lalkothi, Jaipur), Treebo Raya Inn (Jaipur Railway Staion, Jaipur), and many more. The Average cost of Rooms available for 1 night stay per 2 guests is Rs. 1,550/- (along with seasonal offers included)

Tour Journey:

Way In –

All modes of travel are present at Jaipur which allow us to travel to our desired places. From Airport at Sanganer, situated 12 km away from the Jaipur city we can hire or book Taxi or any four wheelers reserved or unreserved vehicles to travel inside the city. We can also hire private cabs or Taxi from nearby the Jaipur Railway station that will allow us to go anywhere we desire. Sate transport Buses are also available to reach any desirable destination.

Way Out –

If we want to return from places we went to visit, we will normally find all those modes of travel otherwise we can also book Private Cabs from tour rental for travelling convenience.

11. Assam : Learning Trip for Students


Assam is rich for it’s natural beauty and geographical location which attracts every tourists to visit. Guwahati is the capital of Assam from which beautiful destination like Meghalaya is not far away. We can find different types cultures existing with variable weather that adds mystery. The centre of attractions are the sightseeing of Meghalaya, rock climbing experience, world’s Wettest place Cherrapunji- famous for rainfall, and many more to find.

Best season to visit: From November to May is the ideal time to plan a tour in Assam as per climate is concern.

Home Stay Availability: Pine Hill Home Stay (Lovely residence, Mawnianglah, 7th mile, Upper Shillong), Nalgre Guest House (Opposite Railway Guest House Madan Laban, Shillong), Pravakar Home Stay (House no. 2, Bye lane no. 2, KP Barua Road, Krishna Nagar, Chandmari, Guwahati)   and many more are available which we can book online too. The average cost of staying in holiday home 2 nights per 2 guests are not less than Rs. 2,750/- approx (Including everything).

Transportation Mode:

Way In –

From Guwahati Railway Station or Airport we can hire private reserved taxi or other four wheeler vehicles or from bus stand we can book state transport buses from Guwahati to any destinations like Shillong, Cherrapunji, etc.

Way Out –

While returning from the tour the same booked or hired four wheeler vehicles or Buses will leave us to railway stations, or airport for back journey. Or we can spend more day in the Holiday homes or Home stays.

 12. Botanical Garden, Darjeeling a Study Based Tour 

botanical garden

For botanical students, Botanical Garden is the ideal place to visit and study regarding it’s history. We can learn about known and unknown plants that existing there from long ago and invent some new type of plants and flowers too. Other than this we can also visit places like Zoo, Perform activities like Paragliding, even ride Rope way, etc. for more excitement.

Night Stay Availability: Home stay accommodations are available at Darjeeling, such as – Happy Valley Home stay, Himalayan Inn, Nestle Home stay, etc. and many more can be selected for spending nights together. The charges of night home stay at Darjeeling ranges from Rs. 1,500/- to Rs. 2,500/- approximately per night.

Transportation Process:

Way Out –

To reach Darjeeling from NJP station we book Private/Govt. four wheeler Vehicles from Darjeeling car rental counter itself at N.J.P. station or at Junction Station. Toy Train is available for ride; however, it takes near about 9 hrs. to reach Darjeeling whereas it takes just 3 hrs. to reach by local four wheeler vehicles to cover the same distance. We can also try Air Flight from Bagdogra, near Siliguri which will carry us to Kurseong, and from there local four-wheeler private or govt. vehicle could be hired for Darjeeling.

Way In –     

While returning back from Darjeeling we can book or hire govt./private Four wheeler (reserved or unreserved) vehicles from Chowk Bazar Taxi Stand, Darjeeling for Siliguri.

13. Kalimpong: An Exciting Tour 


The best way to discover the nature is to visit Kalimpong that have riches of tea garden, orange plantation, and all kinds of migrant birds to watch for along with the beauty of Kanchanjunga Peaks  covered by the icy snow which is favorable for sightseeing. Even there are many more places nearby to explore the nature can be thrilling experience.

 Staying Facilities: Khawas Homestay, Icha Gaon, Kalimpong; Pereira’s House, Khasmahal, Kalimpong; Nilgiri Stay-Whole Property, Icha Forest, Kalimpong; and many more for spending 2 nights within the reasonable rates charging about Rs.1,000/ to 7,800/- approx. per 2 nights.

Communication process:

Way Out –

To reach Kalimpong from NJP station we must book Private four wheeler Vehicles included from Darjeeling holiday packages for total journey previously or hire govt. Cab at N.J.P. station or at Junction Station. It takes just 38 km to reach by local four wheeler vehicles to cover the same distance.

Way In –     

While returning back from Kalimpong we can book or hire govt. /private Four wheeler (reserved or unreserved) vehicles from Chowk Bazar Taxi Stand, Darjeeling for Siliguri.

 14. Sikkim : A Tour of Adventure 


Sikkim gives us the adventurous and thrilling experience of rock climbing or trekking and sightseeing enjoying the climatic blessings. The graceful Himalayas attract tourists from all over the world. Places like – Gangtok, Pelling, Lachung, Ravangla, Namchi, etc. are some the best visiting places.

Overnight Staying: Tamang House (http://gangtokhomestay.com/), Zharna Waterfall Village Resort, Rumtek (http://www.holidayiq.com/Zharna-Waterfall-Village-Resort-Rumtek-hotel-4567.html ), Cherry Village Home Stay Resort (Pelling-Rimbi Road, Darap). Average cost of staying overnight at Sikkim might charge us – Rs. 2,000/- per 2 guest approx. The cost of Gangtok tour package can be negotiated with the tour operators.

Travel Process:

Way In –

To reach Sikkim through Siliguri we have to hire shared Taxi or four wheelers vehicles or book private jeep or other four wheeler cab from NJP to Gangtok car rental or Sikkim car rental. After reaching there, we can go to places like- Pelling, Namchi, etc. through car rental service in Gangtok.

Way out –

We can return from the tourist spots with the help of car rentals in Gangtok that will guide us to our residence of home stays or even we can get back to NJP, Siliguri through booking from Gangtok car rental.

 15. Gorumara National Park, Dooars Adventure

Gorumara National Park

It is one of the oldest Wild life sanctuary, which was recognized in the year 1949 and was re-discovered as National Park in the year 1992, situated at the bank of river Murti. Reptiles and Herbivores like – King Cobra, Elephant, One Horned Rhinoceros, etc. could be seen while entering the park. Migrating birds also could be watched out for seasonally. Monuments like Watch Towers are found from where one can watch those animals safely.

Home Staying Facility: Green Lagoon Resort (Lataguri, Beside Gorumara National Park), Upvan Home Stay (Lataguri), and some more are there for spending nights with family or students. The average cost of staying per night for each guest is Rs. 800/- approx.

Travel Route:

Way In –

To reach for Gorumara either Lataguri or Chalsa is nearest. Three modes of communication- air, rail and roadway from Siliguri can be used for transportation through Plane, Train or Pvt. Jeeps/ Taxi or any reserved Private other four wheelers.

Way Out –

To get back same 3 modes of communication from Lataguri and Chalsa through Rail, Air and Road by Train, Plane and Pvt. Vehicle (Reserved or unreserved) are needed.

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