12 Things to Do in Chalsa Dooars & Explore Its Sightseeing Tour

Chalsa, a small town situated on the foothills of the Himalayas in Dooars lies in Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal. It is a small town that is surrounded all around by hills, tea gardens, rivers, and forests. This town has two parts; the town is surrounded by Gorumara National Park and the other part with Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary. It is usually accessible from Siliguri through Malbazar. From Siliguri, the distance is about 1.5 hours by a drive and approx 40 minutes train. The distance covered from Bagdogra airport is 60 km.

How to Reach, Chalsa Tour Guide

The best starting point for Chalsa is Siliguri which is connected by Air (Bagdogra) from Guwahati, Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata. By rail, it is (New Jalpaiguri) from Kolkata, New Delhi, Guwahati. The approx time taken by road is about 10 hours from Kolkata.

Chapramari Sanctuary and Gorumara National Park is located at Just 1.5 hours from Siliguri. Chalsa is surrounded by these two forests. Tourists can opt for the road and rail transport. Driving is comfortable in National Highway as the roads are in good condition for a perfect drive. Chalsa is an en route to New Jalpaiguri- Alipurduar- Samuktala Road Line.

Chalsa Sightseeing, 12 Brief Ideas for Tourist

1. Geography Location, Chalsa Map:

Geography Location Chalsa Map

Chalsa is located at an average elevation of 163 metres (535 feet), with its latitude of 26.88°N and 88.78°E. It is also the headquarters of the Matiali community development block under the Malbazar subdivision of the Jalpaiguri district.

2. Tourism Chalsa Resort:

Tourism Chalsa Resort

There are various resorts and lodges that are around Gorumara. The Forest Department has two bungalows each are at Chapramari and Gorumara Forest. Many of the cottages and resorts are located near Gorumara National Park. The resorts are mainly at Chalsa, Lataguri, and Dhupjhora, so, you can accordingly book your accommodation prior to your arrival.

3. Exciting Things to Do in Chalsa:

Exciting Things to Do in Chalsa

There are a number of the exciting things to do in Chalsa, exploring the historical sites to witnessing the cultural attractions; you can transcend beyond the exhaustive list of all other local attractions in Chalsa. You can also discover new places for panoramic sightseeing and unique thing to do nearby Chalsa. The places of interest that you can visit are historical monuments, natural attractions, and the adventurous and the entertainment activities to do will surely enhance your vacation.  There are places to drink and eat as well.

4. Gardens and Parks at Chalsa:

 Gardens and Parks at Chalsa

Gorumara National Park and the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Park have located on the banks of river Murti. Raidak has the vegetation of riverine grassland interspersed with the Savannah meadows and dense woodlands. Exotic Chapramari is equipped with very tall trees and thick canopy cover. It is also the abode of the one-horned rhinoceros.  The fauna of the area is including with Asian elephant, gaur, leopard and the different species of deer and over 100 varieties of birds in around the forest.

5. Chalsa Adventure:

Chalsa Adventure

At the banks of river Jaldhaka, Bindu valley is encircled with hills of Bhutan and India on both banks of the river. Adventurous places in Bindu have its dam, Jaldhaka Hydel project, Cardamom cutting centre, Godak village and Gairibas diascorrea plantation. Murti River flows down from the Kalimpong hills towards Chalsa.

6. Excursion In Chalsa:


Excursion In Chalsa

There are several villages that are worth to visit at Chalsa for short excursion. The famous Gorumara National Park is just 14 km from Chalsa, Samsing is 15 km and Lataguri is 20 km away from Chalsa. The other places include the Buxa Tiger Reserve, Chilapata Forest, Dooars, Baikunthapur Forests, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhu tea estate.

7. Activities to do at Chalsa:


Activities to do at Chalsa

The main activities of Chalsa include sightseeing, jungle safari, camping, angling, trekking, Chalsa picnic spot and so on. A dive at the National Highway is also would be a remarkable experience that you can venture.

8. Eating Out in Chalsa Hotels:

Eating Out in Chalsa Hotels

Chalsa owns a wide range of tourist’s lodges and hotels, as well Chalsa PWD Bungalow. Restaurants offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian Bengali cuisine and North Indian food.

9. Chapramari Wildlife Reserve, Chalsa:

Chapramari Wildlife Reserve, Chalsa

Gorumara National Park is situated adjacent to Chapramari Wildlife Reserve. It is the home to a large variety of flora and fauna. In this reserve resides a significant elephant population along with the Indian bison, Albeit, Royal Bengal Tiger, deer and other animals.

10. Gateway Drives to Chalsa:

Gateway Drives to Chalsa

Chalsa is a renowned travel destination and a perfect gateway and the most popular offbeat destinations. One can experience a wonderful drive along the lush green tea estate and beautiful tall trees.

11. Tourist Destination, Samsing:

Tourist Destination, Samsing

Samsing is a famous tourist destination located nearby Chalsa at an approx distance of 15km. This place is known for its beautiful landscapes with lush green tea gardens, hills, and forests, which attracts tourist from various places.

12. Malbazar or Mal Dooars Tourist Destinations:

Malbazar or Mal Dooars Tourist Destinations

It is one of the famous tourist destinations in Dooars. It is also a crucial place for the availability of all the modern appliances. It owns the availability of the wide range of hotels for explorers. It is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from Chalsa.

So, come explore the mesmerizing realm of the undefiled Chalsa.

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